Monday, June 26, 2017

Winter Park OOTD + 5 Reasons I love Central Florida

Happy Monday everyone! Today has slipped from me so fast! I have gotten a lot done that I needed to get done, and am ready to tackle a very crazy busy next couple of days! 
Today I am sharing pictures from Saturday. My bff, Lauren and I headed out to explore some of Winter Park, Florida. Y'all probably know (from this post & this post) that I love this area of Central Florida. A lot of these pictures were taken at Rollins College which is absolutely stunning. It has a historic and timeless feel and is filled with classic and beautiful architecture. I also realized I have such a love for colored tiles!! Read until the end to understand 5 reasons I love living in Central Florida.

We had the absolute best day! We browsed around the empty campus, perused the lively farmers market, blotted sweat continuously, and enjoyed a nice lunch and sweet treat! Good friends are hard to find, and this girl just gets me!

Having fun weekends isn't hard either when you live in the best place EVER! Here are 5 reasons I love living in Central Florida!

1. It is the best location! You are a quick drive to many parts of Florida! I can pretty quickly get to downtown Orlando, Winter Park, any beach, St. Augustine, Mt. Dora, etc.. Central Florida has a very welcoming neighborhood vibe but isn't far from everything this state has to offer!

2. The people! Florida is such a melting pot of cultures and I am so blessed to have been raised in this state for that reason. When I visit family in the southern states I realize how alike so many of the people are there, and how narrow minded some people there can be. I love that I have grown up viewing everyone alike because I am surrounded by people who speak all different languages everywhere I go. I feel that the people here are so accepting to every type of culture and it is how the rest of the country should be too.

3. The weather! It isn't called the Sunshine State for nothin'! Now not everyone appreciates that we don't have four seasons, but I for one know I can't handle the cold after living here for so long. I love being able to go to the beach in the middle of December while everyone else is trapped in snow! A few cold days a year is just fine with me! :) Because of the weather, it is so common for people to have pools here, something that is so strange for people in other states to comprehend. Everyone either has a pool of their own, or has a neighbor who does. It's just so hot you have to be in water!

4. Being active! This may also be in part to the weather, but I love how active of a community Central Florida is. I love that at all times of the day there are tons of people out biking, walking their dogs, roller skating, etc... When I go to other states, it is weird not sharing the roads with bicyclers all the time. I love how the weather here promotes such activity and we Floridians love to be outdoors.

5. FUN!! I mean, there just isn't a place that is so stinkin' fun and full of entertainment like Central Florida! Orlando is the top tourism location in the country and for good reason. With Disney World, Universal Studios, water parks, and I-Drive being full of museums and other fun activities, you could never do it all! Not to mention it is a close drive to Gatorland, Busch Gardens, Miami, more beaches, cruise ports, sporting events, a nice theater, etc.. It isn't always cheap, but it sure is F.U.N!!!

I think it is needless to say that I love where I live and never plan on leaving! Central Florida is the BESTEST! If you are thinking about coming to visit the Central Florida area I would love to give you recommendations! Why do you love where you live? Get out with a bestie and explore this week :)

Talk to you soon!

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