Saturday, June 17, 2017

Spontaneous Miscellaneous

Happy Saturday everyone! WOW has it been a week! This week I taught 3rd graders every day at my church's Vacation Bible School and although it was AWESOME it was very tiring. It was so worth it though because several of the kids in my class came to know Christ and asked to become Christians at the end. Praise God! I have loved my group of kids, (seriously, they were so fun) and have loved seeing them ask questions about God and church. Such a rewarding week. Thank you for all of your sweet messages regarding this week and your prayers. It means SO SO much and clearly had an impact! Yesterday was our last day, and I went straight from taking down our room to going to a lady's house to babysit 4 kids and 4 toddlers, and went straight from there to the parent night at church where the kids preform for their parents! :) Needless to say, today is going to be a day full of swimming, reading, and relaxing.

Now here are my favorite things, moments, and fashion finds from this past week!!

My Favorite Things This Week:

"The Hopefuls" by: Jennifer Close
I did a full review on this book in Wednesday's post, but I have mostly enjoyed having time to read this week each night before bed.

My Fidget Spinner
Call me crazy but I love my pink fidget spinner! I completely understand why kids love these things! I can't watch TV now without it in my hand, and I seriously feel more focused!! :) My church gave them out for free one week and I was standing in line with a whole bunch of kids, more excited then them! I may or may not take it to work with me :)

This Etsy shop makes these beautifully themed sticker spreads for planners and I bought the tropical one for when I start my planner, and y'all... it is AMAZING! Little things really can make me happy, and apparently stickers are one of those things! I purchased the Recollections Planner which was only 18$ at Michaels (gotta love a good sale!). It is the exact same as an Erin Condren planner except WAY cuter in my opinion!

My Rocket Ship Tent and Star Projector
Y'all! My decorations this year for VBS were pretty simple and easy. I would rather spend some money to buy things on Amazon then do anything artsy so I bought this rocket tent and a star projector and DUDE they are both so cool. I have been nerding out about it all week! I wanted to keep the rocket tent SO badly but decided to be a reasonable adult and raffle it away to one of the kids at the end of the week. I also raffled off the star projector as well against my father's will. He is obsessed with it too and said he wants one for Fathers Day :)

My Favorite Moments This Week:
Pretty much all of my favorite moments from this past week involve VBS so I will just list off a bunch of funny things that happened!
1. Having an in depth conversation with a couple of the girls about what I should do with my nails!
2. When one of the little boys left his friends to move back a row in music to sit next to me so he could do the hand motions SO full out!
3. The way the kids would FREAK over the team leaders running out and doing crazy stuff!
4. The classic "Sunday School Answers" that this one boy would always say when asked any question. For example "Hey 'Bobby' what is your favorite color?" "The Holy Spirit, God, Jesus, the Church, the Trinity!!" :D
5. Seeing my kids come to me during the invitation Thursday to accept Christ as their Savior and become Christians.
6. Getting hugs from each kid as they left my class Friday!
7. Pictures to remember this week by!

My Favorite Fashion Finds This Week:

Striped and gingham EVERYTHING!

Clearly I like stripes and gingham this season, anyone else? These pieces speak to me!

On Monday I shared this Target Style post and I love every piece of it! I love even more that each piece is less than 30$! Heck YES!

I hope y'all enjoyed today's blog post! What have you been loving this week! Don't forget to tell me! Talk to you on Monday, enjoy your weekend!


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