Friday, June 2, 2017

Spontaneous Miscellaneous

Happy Friday everyone... you know what that means!! It is time for my to share all of my favorite things and moments from this past week with y'all. This has been a crazy week but I am very happy to report I have lots to share today!

My Favorite Things This Week:

Y'all this show is the BOMB! There is only one season on Netflix right now but I blew through it. The story line isn't too realistic but that is what makes it fun. It is a murder mystery set in a small town focusing on a group of high school students. It is just plain good... go watch!

Brighton Earrings
As a graduation present from my parents I received these earrings and I have worn them almost every day. When I am not throwing together some statement jewelry, I tend to wear studs and a watch and these studs are perfect. They are big and sparkly but still understated enough to go with any outfit and be worn to work.

The One Year Bible
I bought this bible at the beginning of the week and have loved the start. It is a bible that splits the passages up for you in order to read through it in one year. I can't wait to see the changes in myself after a year of studying straight from God's word.

My Favorite Moments This Week:

Spending Two Hours Chatting with a friend at Polo Tropical
When you find someone who you can talk non-stop with for two hours and still enjoy their company going to church afterwards, you have found a keeper. Polo Tropical is also a fav.. their tropichops are seriously my favorite food!

Recognizing my Granddad on Memorial Day
This past Monday, Memorial Day, the place my grandparents live at did a big ceremony for Memorial Day and my cool granddad got his own brick for serving in Vietnam! He's pretty cool!

Seeing 'Everything, Everything' with my sister on her Birthday Eve
Although I can't say I thought this movie was all that great, it was definitely a favorite moment from this past week. I always love going to the movies with my sister and this time was no different. However, I could have done without running to our car in a downpour wearing brand new shoes :)

Getting A Gel Manicure
It has been a while since I went and got a manicure, but after going last week with my sweet grandma, I decided to keep it up and get one again this week. I love the gel because it lasts so much longer. This hot pink is perfect for summer!

My Sister Turned 16!!
We had a family lunch on my sisters birthday Wednesday to celebrate since she had her party a few weeks ago and it was so fun! We ate cake, watched her open her gifts, and laughed! It was a fun time!

Breakfast with my Granddad
I loved getting one on one time with my granddad during our IHOP date yesterday. We had a delicious breakfast! IHOP is a fav!

This Weeks Fashion Finds:

Kiwi and Ellie Jewelry
I found this small jewelry company on Instagram and they have some seriously cute stuff for a really good price! Below I show some of my favorites with links! I am seriously debating what products I want to order :)

Red Dress Boutique
Y'all this online boutique has clothes that are to DIE FOR! Even though everything sells out pretty quickly, I like that because not everyone will be seen in the same thing. They get new arrivals online everyday and I swear my wallet is crying! Some of my favorite are linked below!

I hope y'all enjoyed todays post! I will talk to you again on Monday! Follow along on Instagram (@jgraceblog) to see what I am up to this weekend!


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