Monday, June 5, 2017

Hot Pink & My Favorite Earrings!

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Happy Monday! I have a total thing for dresses can you tell?? Not to mention, hot pink is my favorite color so this outfit speaks to me on a very deep level! :)  Can we take a moment for these earrings?? I am obsessed with these types of earrings that are so in style right now. This season may just be my favorite in terms of trends that are so popular. I can get on board with aaalll the trends right now because they all seem so girly! I just love that. 

Today my mom, sister, and I started purchasing and crafting things for next weeks Vacation Bible School at our church. I seriously don't know what I would do without them. I am someone who is not very crafty and has never had an eye for design so having the two of them do this with me is a HUGE help. I am very excited to teach the lessons and play the games with the kids but when it comes to decorating the classroom you can count me out. I guess this is why we are the dream team!

What do y'all have going on this week? I will talk to you again on Wednesday!


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