Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Filling Each Others Buckets

It's Wednesday gang! It also happens to be my sissy/ besties birthday! I can't believe my baby sis is 16!!! It is going to be a fun day!
I hope you have great plans for your day to make it awesome! I hope you are starting to read this post at the beginning of your day because I have a couple questions I want you to ask yourself as your day goes on. 1. Why haven't I been filling peoples buckets? And 2. How can I fill other's buckets today?
Y'all are probably thinking I have lost my mind (which is very possible), because you have no clue what I am talking about. Let me explain.

As a college student who plans to study Elementary Education and become a teacher, I love watching other educators online and reading their blogs for inspiration. One of my FAVS is Mrs. May at One Fab Teacher. She made a video about something her students do in the classroom, fill each others buckets. Before I continue on with this post, click HERE to watch the video I am talking about.

Is that not just the sweetest? These first grade students notice when one of their classmates is feeling sad or down and they make an effort to give them encouragement. Did you notice how the students said it made them feel to encourage someone else? It felt GOOD. By helping someone else, they felt great. 

So I have a question. Why is it, after we leave elementary school, we stop finding pleasure in helping and encouraging others? Why is it we start tearing each other down and causing pain in someone else instead of filling their bucket.

It isn't always the fact that we are tearing others down or purposely causing them pain, but rather we don't care. We are so caught up in our own lives and trying to make ourselves happy, that we forget to fill each others buckets. But are we happy? Being selfish and only worrying about ourselves, will never make us happy. However, giving a compliment or being encouraging to someone else, even with something simple like "You are so smart" or "You are so kind" like those students showed us, could make someone else SO happy.... and wouldn't THAT bring you pure joy?

I am going to try and be a bucket filler, rather than a bucket hoarder and only build myself up. Will you join me??

I want to hear your thoughts on kindness and how you plan to fill someones bucket below. LOVE Y'ALL! Talk to you soon.


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