Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How to Have a Daily Devotion!

Hey y'all! I am sharing possibly the most important blog post with you today. I am sharing my tips and suggestions on how to have a daily devotional / quiet time with God. It is so important that you carve out time to spend with the Lord in private each day. There are many different ways you can do this, but today I am going to share my routine and how I make time for God each morning.

Mathew 6:6 "But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you."

What time should I have a devotion?

God does not care at which time you choose to have a devotional. Some people prefer to do so at night before bed, others do so in the car if they have a long drive to work, or if you're like me, you like to have a quiet time first thing in the morning.

This is the time that works best for me because I can make time for it easier in my schedule and it is the best way for me to start my day. I try and apply what I learn to my day and find that I am always a bit happier throughout the day if I have had a relaxed time with God that morning. 

John 15:7 "If you remain in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you."

What should I do for my devotion?

Each and every person will have a different preference when it comes to their quiet time with God. I have several different recommendations though that will fit multiple different types of people and their lifestyles.

1. Thankful Journal: I love to start my quiet time by numbering off in a journal things I am thankful for. This can be things like air conditioning, a comfy bed, clean water, etc.. Along with these things I write memories I am thankful for such as "sweet neighbors who always ask how I'm doing when they see me pull in the driveway" or "my parents good relationship with their own parents". You get the point. This is always so humbling to open up my notebook each morning and see that I am up to almost 3,000 things and moments God has blessed me with.
2. Devotional Book: There are so many great devotional books out there that don't take much time at all. There are also harder studies that will take longer. I suggest doing research on devotional books and reading reviews to see which you think you would like. One that I just finished that was AMAZING was Praying for Your Future Husband by: Robin Jones Gunn & Tricia Goyer.
Regardless of your stage of life, there is a book out there that will guide you and teach you a long the way. 
Other devotionals that I LOVED are Do Hard Things and Not a Fan, both of which are fantastic for teenagers and young adults. 
3. Read Through the Bible: This is a trickier one. Reading through the Bible in order is tricky and takes a lot of discipline. There are a lot of chapters in the bible that will seem harder to read through. However there are also books that will help guide you through the bible and keep you on track as well. The One Year Bible is an example of a guided reading through God's word that will keep you on pace and help you make sense of things as you read them.
4. Online Devotionals: If you work at an office or sit at a computer all day and find that you sometimes need a brain break from working or school, there are plenty of online devotionals that you can pull up on another tab and enjoy. I recently have enjoyed taking a break from my online work to read the Girlfriends in God Devotional. It is so great for women of all ages. 
Other online devotionals that you may like are Proverbs 31 Ministries (great for women) and Our Daily Bread (a quick daily devotion you can read or listen to). 
5. Podcasts: If you are someone who has a long drive to and from work, a podcast may work best for you. I am a big fan of podcasts and listen to them at different times of day, often times in the car or at night, but I know my dad really enjoys listening to sermons and devotionals during his long commute to work. Here are some I have listened to before and really recommend: 
Joyce Meyer- this woman is amazing and has several books and a TV show. Her podcasts are short but effective and she is a great speaker that will captivate your attention.
Northpoint Church- This church has some of the best pastors I have ever heard and I can almost quote word for word their sermon series because they are simple, easy to remember, but really get you thinking. 
Crosspoint Church- This church also has great sermons and great series that you are sure to love as well.

Romans 10:17 "Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ."

How do I pray?

This is simple. Close your eyes and talk to God. This is your time to thank him and to ask him. I suggest too making a prayer list or notebook to document your prayer requests. This is helpful in remembering who you need to pray for and keeping track of how God has answered your prayers in sometimes ways you never expected. The great thing about prayer is that it can be done anywhere, at anytime. God wants us to talk to him, and the more we talk to him, the more clearly we understand his voice. 

James 5:13 "Is anyone among you in trouble? let them pray. Is anyone happy? let them sing songs of praise."

How can I pray for you?

I pray that whoever reads this post and doesn't have a relationship with God will come to know him the way I have. Being a Christian is not a set of rules to follow, it is a relationship that will better your life and set you free. There is no better feeling than knowing that you aren't in control and a greater God is watching over you and has a brilliant plan for your life. I can't imagine doing this life on my own. If you have any questions regarding my faith, please don't hesitate to ask me. My email is . I would also love to know how I personally can pray for you. 

Have a great day! I will talk to you again soon!


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