Wednesday, May 24, 2017

5 Reasons Why I Want to be a Teacher

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you are having a good hump day. Today I am sharing an interesting post which I will try to keep from being to lengthy. I have mentioned several times before that I have always wanted to be a teacher. Now don't get me wrong, I have explored many other careers and have found many interesting and considered doing them one day too, but I always found my way back to teaching elementary school one day. When I was in about the fourth grade I became obsessed with the idea of being a teacher. I asked Santa for school supplies that Christmas, and he transformed my room into a classroom. Every day for a straight year, I swear, I would make my sister play school with me after we got home from school (it's no wonder my sister is so smart.. haha). I would teach her about all kinds of things and never let her be the teacher! :) As I grew up I just always said that was what I wanted to be. Things changed once I reached high school, as I struggled with the idea of being a teacher because I hated school so much. After all, aren't teachers supposed to love school? However, I realized during this point of hating school that good teachers are so important. All the teachers I had in high school (except for one) made me loose my passion for learning and ultimately made me want to give up. After I talked to several elementary teachers though, and kept volunteering in classrooms, I realized that I wanted to make a difference and be the kind of teacher that makes kids love learning, like my fourth grade teacher. 

These are the reasons I want to be a teacher:

1. I Love Kids
This is an obvious one. You have to like kids to be a teacher. I have always found myself gravitated to little kids (maybe because part of me still is one). I have more patience with kids than anyone else and it takes a lot for them to get on my nerves. I think kids grow up to fast and I love the idea of encouraging them to just be a kid and use their imagination.

2. I Love to Teach
After volunteering with kids throughout high school, I realized how rewarding it can be to see progress in a child over time. I can't imagine the feeling of seeing a student's progress every day over a year. Not to mention, I love being in charge, and having a classroom where I am the boss sounds pretty good :)

3. You Create Every Other Career
Having a possible impact in a child's future sounds scary and awesome at the same time! I want my future students to know they can be ANYTHING if they put their mind to it!

4. You Can Wear Cute Outfits
This may be the most shallow reason of all, but it's a valid point as a fashion lover :) As a teacher you have a wide variety of styles you can wear. You don't have to wear a uniform, but you also don't have to wear high heels and pencil skirts all day. You can dress cute and comfy almost every day! I follow @msleslieann01 on Instagram for cute teacher outfits all the time!

5. Your Classroom is a Safe Place for Students
Growing up, I have had several friends tell me that my house was a safe place. My mom and dad created a home that was peaceful and safe. I always knew I would be accepted at my home and everyone knew they would be too. I understand though that a good majority of kids don't feel that way about their homes. I would be so honored to create a classroom that could be a child's safe place, regardless of what is going on at home. 

So there you have it. Five reasons I want to be a teacher! I know it will be hard, tiring, and I will often feel under appreciated. I hope however that even during the toughest of times being a teacher, that my love for my students through God will show through each and every day.

To my future self reading this post years later wondering why I ever wanted to do this crazy job, you got this girl!! You're making a difference!! Go get a mani pedi :)

Have a great rest of your week! What are the 5 reasons you decided to do what you do? Let me know!


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