Friday, May 26, 2017

Spontaneous Miscellaneous- Graduation Edition

Happy Friday everyone! This week has been absolutely FANTASTIC! At the beginning of this week I graduated from high school and have been surrounded by family and lots of love this whole week! 
Today I am sharing with you all my recent favorite things from this past week, and today I have a TON! Let me first start with all things graduation! :)

My Party!
I had told my family that since we had done several trips to Disney for my graduation right around the same time as my sister's sweet 16, that I didn't want a big graduation party. I sent graduation announcements to many people but wasn't planning on having any big party. Well we had family in town, and my mom mentioned having a small cook out. Well. She went above and beyond to throw me the sweetest family party. It was decorated SO CUTE and the games and activities she had planned such as "How Well Do You Know The Graduate" and a "Mad Lib Commencement Speech" made the whole night spectacular. My dad grilled out hamburgers and my mom filled a hot pink ice bucket with my FAVORITE popcicles from like 3rd grade. We blasted some music and swam in the pool and had the best time. I love moments like this with my family!! I was so happy this day!

Graduation Gifts!
My family was BOMB with these gifts. My aunt KIMMIE gave me this beautiful purse which gives me aalllll the heart eyes! SO PRETTY!
My grandparents gave me the cutest pink pot for my hope chest along with a graduation cap charm for my Pandora bracelet! LOVE LOVE!
My sister got me an adorable mug with a quote on it about being a teacher and I thought it was so sweet! I can't wait to use it every day once I am a teacher.
Now my parents.. Y'all. This is too good. They got me a Dr. Seuss tote bag full of kid books to get my classroom library started. I almost CRIED! Y'all may know I am a total book worm, and reading to kids is my favorite thing ever, so getting some of my favorite childhood books was such a great inspiration to get through college so I can read Fancy Nancy to some cute kiddos one day :)
Not to mention I about died when I pulled out the two children's book's that Laura Bush had written. LB IS MY GURL!! 
These gifts were all so special to me and made me oh so happy!! I have one fab family.. they just get me!

Laura Bush Letter
Speaking of Laura Bush... My sweet grandmother sent her a letter a few weeks ago saying how much I love her, want to be a teacher like her, and that I am graduating high school soon, and y'all.... LAURA BUSH SENT ME A LETTER. Like on her personal stationary in a hand written envelope and it was so beautifully written!!! My favorite things she said were "Your formal education is only the beginning of a lifetime of learning." and "President Bush joins me in sending best wishes" DIRECT QUOTE! THE PRESIDENT JOINS HER IN SENDING BEST WISHES TO ME PEOPLE!!!!! Yeah I about died.

Donut Float
I purchased this pool float because I thought everyone needed a hot pink donut floating around in their pool and I was totally right. It matched my graduation party decor too! :)

Typhoon Lagoon!
I will have a full recap and video up from this Disney Water Park soon but on Monday my family went to celebrate my graduation some more and we had the time of our lives. My sister finally got on a water roller-coaster there and actually LOVED it. We rode that same ride about 10 times in a row and died laughing every time. I just wish I had it on video. My family was EXHAUSTED afterwards though. I mean, floating in the lazy river is tough work :) I just love where I live.. but y'all already knew that.

My Target Shoes
These were featured in a blog post Monday and I already can't stop wearing them. They are a definite FAVORITE!

"Dear John" and "The Longest Ride"
(I mean how does one compare these two???)

I was on a total Nicholas Sparks kick this past week and watched both Dear John and The Longest Ride this week. I know I talked about The Longest Ride already (LOVE IT!) I don't care what anyone says, I love Nicholas Sparks movies. They are cheesy yes, but always have a good twist at the end. I preferred the Longest Ride just because I liked the characters better (don't take it personally Channing Tatum.. I still love you) but I will say Dear John had me weeping like a baby. Anyone else?

Y'all know it started this week!!! I am so beyond pumped. One, because I love Rachel and think she is such a classy and smart woman, maybe the best Bachelorette in a long time, and Two, because Sheaffer's blog recaps are back and funnier than ever!! Read her episode 1 recap here. She is a HOOT! #teamwaahboom

Anyone out of breath from reading yet? My fingers are about to fall off! I hope you enjoyed all of my favorites from this week! I hope you have a fantastic weekend :) Talk to you next week!



  1. Congratulations on graduating! I'm graduating on the 6th. I'm so excited! Some of your pictures didn't show up-- wish I could have seen the pic of your party and Typhoon Lagoon.


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