Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 for Juliana Grace! + New Years Resolutions

Hey y'all and happy 2017!! WHAAAAT?? That is so weird to say. I have loved 2016 and am so blessed that God gave me such good memories from this year and kept me healthy and safe. I pray that in 2017, I am able to reach more people through this blog and in person. I pray that this coming year I make smart choices and grow to love those around me more. 
I first wanted to recap my 2016, and then share my 2017 resolutions.

My Favorite Memories:
February was filled with a great memory at Disney World! I loved spending the day at Magic Kingdom after a couple years of not going. I look forward to lots of Disney trips and magic this coming year too! You can read my Disney tips here

Going to Winter Park with my sweet Momma was such a fun day! My dad and sister were on a road trip so we had such a fun week doing all our favorite local things. We dressed nice and took pictures on the lake, shopped around in antique stores and (my fav) Owen Allen. We finished with a grilled cheese at Toasted (the best place ever!!) and a gluten free cupcake next door. A PERFECT day.

Going to Disney Springs with my sweet mom during my dad and sisters trip was another favorite memory. We went right before sunset to enjoy walking around the shops and snapping pictures before treating her to dinner at the T-Rex Cafe. It was BOMB!

Seeing my husband from middle school, Scotty Mccreery in concert with my best sista friend was definitely a highlight :)

Pumpkin picking on the only chilly day Florida had was such a happy day! Sixty degree weather, country music, and all things Fall. Perfect!

Running a Christmas 5k was definitely a favorite memory. Such a fun run at Seaworld.

This past month we lost the baby of our family. Although this is one of the saddest memories this year by far, I am so blessed to have 10 years of memories with our sweet puppy. Prissy will always be in our hearts as she was my sister and I's childhood pet for years. She was a best friend. 

Ending each year with a New Years football game at the Citrus Bowl with my daddy is ALWAYS a favorite. We love our football!

My Favorite Outfits:
Does your prom dress count as a favorite outfit? I fell in love with this classic dress and simple cream and gold combo. 

This outfit is one of my favorites because it is just so me. Big pearls and the comfiest shoes EVER!

I think this summer look would HAVE to be my #1 favorite outfit. So preppy, classic, and sassy. Plus this watermelon lemonade is absolutely amazing during the hot summer days.

This is the most comfortable romper and so cute for summer! Can't wait to wear again this coming season!

A monogrammed vest with a cute fall coffee cozy makes the most perfect fall outfit. Such a favorite.

This look is my favorite winter/ Christmas outfit from this year!

Favorite Movies:
Image result for when did the finest hours come out
This is such an intense movie with a sweet romance for an added touch! Definitely a favorite!

Image result for when did god's not dead 2 come out
God's Not Dead 2 is just as amazing as the first one. Such good information and great acting too.

Image result for zootopia
I am sure you have heard about Zootopia but it is definitely my favorite movie that Disney came out with this year. 

Image result for nerve
Nerve is SUCH a good movie with a crazy but easy to follow story line. I recommend seeing it!

Favorite Recipes:
Friendship bread is the best bread ever. The end.

If you've never done a shrimp boil, you need too. So easy to make and so delicious.

Favorite TV Shows:
Image result for designated survivor
Y'all this show is SOOOO GOOD! I can't hardly wait for season 2 to come. I am ON EDGE!

Related image
I am so late hopping on the bandwagon but I just started watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and I love it!

My Favorite Books:
Image result for The heir and the crown
Y'all already know I am obsessed with the Selection series. Well. These two books did not disappoint either. I cried knowing this was the end of the Selection Series. SO good!

This was such a good year and I am so thankful God blessed me so much this year! 
I have really thought about what I wanted my New Years Resolutions to be because I always like to keep realistic goals. I have come up with 4 goals for myself this year that are definitely achievable. Here we go.

1. Read one book a month.
I really don't have to explain this one. I tend to cram all the reading I wish to do into my summer and winter break and would like to spread it out through the year. Creating a little space for reading each day is always a good idea.

2. Create a more balanced schedule / become a morning person.
I am a full blown planner to the core. I tend to stress my self out with lists and plans that I forget to get a good balance of every area of my life. I want to have a perfect balance of time with the Lord, time for my school, time for my blog, time for work, time for reading, and time for family and friends. I have plenty of time to accomplish tasks in all of these areas as long as I take advantage of my day. I am young and in good health so there is no reason for me to sleep more than 8 hours during the week. 

3. Save more money.
I will be very transparent with y'all and say this is a spot where I struggled this past year. I am a spender and not a saver. My dad works in finance and have always been taught to save my money. I always knew that I should be saving more money than I was but come the end of this year, I didn't have as much saved as I hope but instead spent my money on things I can't even remember this past year. This coming year however I am making a conscious effort to save money and stay away from places that I tend to be weak (akaTarget, Michaels, Dunkin). 

4. Sign up for a Half Marathon
I am accomplishing a huge goal in 2017 already when I run my first Disney Race come February. I decided to start with a 10k but would love to be signed up and training for a half marathon by the end of 2017. Running is a patient process and about meeting goals one at a time. I have several other races I plan on running this year and I can't wait to improve.

What are your New Years Resolutions?? Let me know in the comments! Thank you for following my blog through out 2016. It means the world to me. 


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