Friday, August 5, 2016

My Running Playlist!

Happy Friday friends. There have been lots of changes that have impacted the blogging community recently. Cough cough "Instagram stories"?? I was at first a little annoyed because I never liked Snapchat and so I assumed I wouldn't like this either. I can honestly say however, that it is growing on me. I feel like I am getting to know other bloggers more personally and y'all are getting to see my day to day life. It is nice to see that other bloggers are normal people too and don't have perfectly photogenic lives all the time. :) We will see how it continues, but for now I am diggin' it. 

Speaking of Instagram Stories, I put up last night after my run a screenshot of one of my favorite running songs and asked if y'all would like to see a post with my favorite running songs. Many of you replied saying yes so I thought I would share.

Personally, when I run, I like to have songs that have a fast beat but not too fast to where it isnt motivating or catchy (aka ALL rap songs). So my playlist is full of catchy, up-beat, motivational songs that I find easy to run too. I of course had to throw a few Disney songs in the mix since I am currently training for the Disney Princess 10k. 

As much as I hate my early alarm some mornings telling me to run, I can honestly say I am always glad I did it afterwards. It is a great way to start or finish your day depending on your schedule... but a fun playlist doesn't hurt ;) Hope you enjoy listening with me!

Running Playlist:
"Raging Fire" by: Phillip Phillips
"Loud" by: R5
"My House" by: Flo Rida
"Alone Together" by: Fall Out Boy
"Can't Stop The Feeling!" by: Justin Timberlake 
"Fight Song" by: Rachel Platten <<< ANOTHER FAV

Warm-Up & Cool-Down Playlist:
"I Don't Want to Be" by: Gavin Degraw
"Can You Feel The Love Tonight (From "The Lion King")" by: Jason Derulo <<< Had to throw this one in there because 1. He does this song AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL and 2. It is so catchy I love listening to it when I am walking to cool off :)

Y'all also be sure to keep an eye out on my friend Guilianna's blog for her running playlist coming soon!


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  1. I loved your playlist! I would definitely add some of Meghan Trainor's songs. I love "Me Too" and "Thank You." I also love Selena Gomez's tracks!


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