Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Summer Style Inspo- Lots of Dresses!

I thought I would pair a few pics together to show you what bloggers are giving myself great ideas for summer style. 

If you have no idea who Sarah Vickers is then stop what you are doing and go stalk her blog for about 2-3 hours. Forever dying over her wedding and engagement ring. Love her simple style with the prettiest jewelry and oh so much class.

Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam (again with the dresses) has such a simple and elegant style. LOVE. 

Krista has some of the cutest skirts and preppiest looks. Not to mention she loves the color navy. Me too sister!

When it comes to bright style and the CUTEST swimsuits Mckenna Bleu tops the cake for me. I am LOVING the trend of different fit swimsuits with different patterns and styles. I can't wait to show off mine by the pool this summer!

Never too many dresses or too many colors!

Hope y'all are feeling inspired to play with your wardrobe come summer! 

My last day of school is tomorrow and I will be taking my first week of summer to cut back from social media and blogging completely. But I will talk to you soon my ladies!


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