Friday, January 15, 2016

Giving Through Buying

Happy Friday! TGIF right? Although I have to say I miss having Scandal on TV right now. I used to always spend Friday afternoons catching up on Olivia Pope. Today is going to be a day full of baking and preparing for a weekend of recipe posts! Keep your eyes peeled for two recipe posts in the next week :)

How cute is the clutch? It is so different and so bright and cheery for this gloomy winter weather. Want to know the best news? When you buy this clutch or any other product from the Global Goods Partners website, you are providing income into poor communities of women in Africa, Asia, and South America. So great to get a beautiful homemade fashion piece while supporting other women across the globe. Check them out for sure. Shout-out to my awesome Aunt for giving me this clutch for Christmas and introducing me to this site!

I will talk to y'all tomorrow! Enjoy your Friday night!


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