Monday, October 19, 2015

Events of The Bible: Aaron and the Golden Calf ~Weekly Devotion~

What we Learned This Week:
The city of Israel longed for a god like the Egyptian gods, a god they could see and carry before them. They asked Aaron to make a god for them and he foolishly agreed. He took gold and formed it into a calf. Aaron said that this was the God that brought them out of Egypt. This angered God and God told Moses to go down and stop the idolatry. Moses ended the idolatry and 3,000 men were killed in the making.
Relating it to Your Life:
 Sometimes it can be hard to find a way to relate these stories to us now but think back to the last devotion. We went over the ten commandments and simplified them all to make sense to us now. What was the first commandment? You shall have no gods before me. We may not be worshipping a golden calf but maybe we worship a certain celebrity. Or we worship our diets and put our appearance above God. Maybe we put our relationships with others above our relationship with God. This can all become idolatry. In todays world, everyone feels like they have to fit in somewhere and your friend "group" is determined off of essentially what you make your "idol". Don't forget to make friends with people who also put God above everything else. Lastly, stay in prayer constantly throughout the day. God wants to be the center of your life and help you through every situation unlike Kim Kardashian or your boyfriend. Pray for focus on God.
This Weeks Reading: Exodus 34
What do y'all struggle with when it comes to an "idol" in your life? My answer would have to be fashion and other bloggers. I admit I spend more time on fashion blogs and piecing together my own outfits than I do in the Bible more days than I care to admit. 
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