Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Month 5- 7 Experiment/Project: Praying for Others
Happy hump day y'all. This is such a special post to me. As you know for 7 Months, I decided to partake in a "challenge" like Jen Hatmaker did to see what God would teach me. I however came up with mostly my own themes for each month. This month has been incredible and it isn't even over.
For month 5 I decided I was going to pray for 7 people. I don't just mean mention quickly on my drive to work while being touched by a song that came on the Christian radio station. I mean on my knees, committing several minutes a day to pray for these 7 people. I wont share who they are on here obviously but let me tell y'all, they are a random bunch of people. Some I know well, some I have hardly spoken too, some I just love, and some that I weren't too fond of. Regardless, this month has been fantastic.
I prayed the last week of September that God would show me who I was supposed to pray for, and he randomly placed them on my heart. I then wrote down their names and listed bullet points of what I should pray for them about. This started out with about 2-3 bullet points per person and is now about 10-15. I never realized how much others need my prayers. I have noticed such a difference in people I barely know from a distance. I may or may not know them really well in the future, but that doesn't mean I can't pray for them. Others I admit I never really liked. I have trash talked them, said I was D.O.N.E, and many other things and believe it or not, I kind of like them now. I am seeing a change in their heart and I am learning that forgiveness is a powerful thing. Through humbling myself to pray for those I don't care for, I have learned that I was the only one being hurt.
I will update you on this later, but let me say, y'all, this is working. Its creeping me out at times how much I am seeing God use my prayers. But it is SO working, and I am so excited. Pray for someone other than yourself this week. You will feel amazing, I promise!
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