Sunday, May 31, 2015

My 7 Project Announcment- Inspired by Jen Hatmaker

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all have had a blessed weekend and are ready for a quick announcement tonight. I really have no idea how to explain this other than the book 7 by Jen Hatmaker changed my life. Jen embarked on a seven month journey/ an experimental mutiny against excess. For seven months she did hard things including things like eating only seven foods for a whole month, wearing seven articles of clothing for a month, getting rid of a certain amount of things in her house one month, etc... For seven months she did something hard. This book made me much more aware of the consumerism in many Americans including myself. Contentment has been such a struggle for me my entire life. I have always been so well taken care of yet always wanted more. This book changed my whole point of view and I want to try this out myself.
For seven months I am going to get rid of all the excess in my life in an effort to grow closer to the Lord and be more thankful. I also hope that through these next seven months that God helps me develop a deeper passion for those with so little. I am so excited and so terrified at the same time.
For a few of the months I will be copying Jen Hatmakers ideas. However for several of the months later on, I have created my own ideas, altered to areas I specifically need to improve upon.
Starting tomorrow, June 1st, I will be eating only 7 foods the whole month. The list of foods are as follows:
Lactose Free Milk
Peanut Butter
Kind Bar
Cheese Stick
Plain Chicken
Canned Collard Greens
After discussing with my family what foods I should do, these were the seven we felt equaled a balanced diet that pertained to my allergies as well. There isn't going to be any schedule as far as posts updating you on this journey. There will be a few each month however updating you on the madness. All other posts will continue as usual. This is not going to be easy... pray for me.

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