Thursday, August 7, 2014

Divergent Book vs. Movie

Hi guys! How are y'all doing? I know I am super late hopping on the Divergent bandwagon, but I finally decided I would give this book a shot. I did a full review of the book under the 'Book List' tab (here) but today I am going to be comparing the book to the movie similar to what I did with the book 'The Fault In Our Stars' (here).
I read this book in about 4 days so obviously I was pretty hooked. The book had great details and you almost start to reciprocate the feelings the characters have because the writer does such a good job describing how they are feeling! You really start to love or hate certain characters. This is something I felt was lost in the movie. Though I love the people who played the characters (can we just talk about Theo James though..), and they looked a lot how I pictured them, I feel as though a lot of the details in each characters story was lost. Had I not read the book first, I definitely don't think I would have really understood the point of a lot of the different characters in the movie.
As far as the events of the story go, once again I prefer the book over the movie. The movie had some very neat and intense scenes but they felt rather rushed after you read about them in so much detail in the book. Also, I feel as though a lot of the key events that lead to certain consequences weren't present in the movie like they were in the book kind of leaving you confused at the movie.
Overall, I would say that you will enjoy the movie because the characters are great and it really is a cool story line (trailer here). However, if you have read the book (here), the movie will just continue to drive you crazy with all the missing details we all loved in the book. I recommend definitely reading the book first though because you will understand what is happening in the movie more after doing so.
Don't forget to check out the book review on its own under the 'Book List' tab here on the blog and let me know if you read the book or watch the movie by commenting down below! Feel free to email me about anything as well!
Hope y'all enjoyed! Talk to you soon!

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