Friday, August 8, 2014

Back To School Personalized Supplies Haul

I don't know if y'all know this about me but I am a huge monogram junkie! Nothing solid colored goes un-monogramed! You name it, I have it monogramed! Something about it I love and even though it is partially depressing that school time is rolling around again, I do look forward to getting some super cute school supplies and getting organized! Today I am going to be sharing with y'all what school supplies I decided to pick up and give you some ideas possibly!
I obviously took my Jansport backpack to be monogramed at a shop near me but you can also look on Etsy for monogramed backpacks already done, however, I really like the way my turned out. I had my initials done in navy so that it would match my blue and navy lunch box from Marshalls. This is a super quick and easy way to have your backpack and lunch box match without having it look too matchy matchy if that bothers you.
I also inserted monogram binder covers in the front of my binders which you can see in the picture. This was very complicated which is why my best friend basically had to do it all for me. You basically have to play around with powerpoint to do it or you could always find websites that make them for you as well.
I of course had to buy a Lilly Pulitzer Agenda because since the planners they give us at school are way to small for my big chunky hand writing, I like to have my own. The Lilly Pulitzer agendas are super similar to the Vera Bradley ones as well so if you like those patterns more than I recommend those. I find both adorable and I find them SO handy! I may have bought some matching highlighters to go with that agenda also!
The '#craycray' notebook is from staples! I knew I had to have it when I saw it because cray cray is a phrase I happen to use way to often so that was just a miscellaneous must!
What are your back to school must haves? Let me know by commenting down below or sending me an email!
I hope y'all enjoyed and I look forward to more Back to School posts! Talk to you soon!

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