Wednesday, July 30, 2014

UD Naked Illuminated Powder Review

Hi everybody! How are yall doing this week? I am so happy to be back in Florida after quite a while of traveling. I went to Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee all to visit family and we had a great time. Today i am sharing with you a review on a product i bought quite a while ago for a dance at my school. This would be the Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Powder. I havent seen an abundant amount of chat about this product so i thought i would share my thoughts.

My Ratings: 
Packaging- 9/10 This product comes in such a beautiful box-like packaging with a little bit of shimmer. It has a magnet closing and comes with a little brush that strangley enough i actually enjoy using. 

Pigmentation- 10/10 This highlighter is super pigmented and givds such a beautiful glow to the cheeks. I also love dusting this over my shoulders and chest area when i am goung somewhere for a fancy occasion. This color of highlighter is suitable i feel for almost every skin tone.

Longevity- 6/10 This catagory is where the product seems to lack. Though once on the skin this product is stunning, it doesnt seem to stay on very well. When you touch your face the product seems to fall or smudge therfore not staying on your cheek for very long. I dont mind considering that it still gives your face a pretty glow.

Final Verdict- 8.5/10 I would give this product a 10 but since the shimmer tends to fall and I know some people detest that, i rated it accordingly. Overall this is a great product and i really enjoy using it lightly on everyday basis or special occasions. I reccomend this for a lot of people because it is really a great highlighter that won't go unused.

What is your favorite highlighter? Let me know by commenting down below or emailing me!

Hope you all enjoyed and I will talk to yall soon!


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