Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Get Ready With Me: Masquerade Party

This past weekend was one of my good friend's 16th birthday so for her sweet 16 she threw a masquerade party. This outfit, hair, and makeup are all definitely full proof for any dance party of any kind. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

I did a basic hair style, nothing too fancy. I simply curled my hair with my flat iron and pulled it all over into a side pony tail, leaving a strand or two sloppily hanging. I also took my bangs and gave them a little flip backwards so they flowed with everything too. I can't say that by the end my hair still looked this put together after dancing all night, but the good thing about this hair do is that it still looks fine even once it is messed up a tad.
As you can see in the picture above I went rather dramatic. I used the Lorac Pro Palette for this look (review can be found here). I used the shade light bronze and gold on the eye lid along with taupe and espresso on the crease, outer v area, and under my eye. I used the shade nude to highlight under my brown and inner corner. Finally, I popped on some mascara and I was finished for the eyes.
For the face, I used a cream foundation that I will be reviewing very soon, and some other little things here and there (all of which I probably sweat off by the end of the night. haha)
Sadly I cant locate this dress for y'all. It is from a boutique somewhere in Los Angeles, California. The minute I tried the dress on I had to own it because it is so different from anything I have ever owned or seen before, and I have been receiving a lot of compliments on it so I love it.
For shoes, I just wore some black heels that were kind of short in comparison to my usual heels, which made it a lot more enjoyable to dance in.
The mask I purchased off of amazon here. I didn't end up wearing it more than 5 minutes but when I did wear it, I liked it :)
Here are some random goofy pictures of some friends and I at the event:
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Hope you all enjoyed! Talk to you soon!


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