Friday, May 9, 2014

The Perfect PAMPER NIGHT!!

Whether it is before a date or special occasion or we just have some time on our hands, one thing all of us ladies love to do is pamper ourselves! This doesn't happen often (at least for me), but when it does, I do it right! Pamper nights are often times just what you need to feel refreshed, relaxed, and yet energized at the same time! I have 5 easy steps to a perfect pamper night that is sure to make you look and feel fabulous!

Step 1: Bubble Bath- This is a no-brainer because who doesn't just want to sit and relax in a calm and peaceful bubble bath?! My favorite way to do it is either with a Lush Bath Bomb (you drop them in the bath and they fizz and bubble), or my favorite body wash/ bubble bath the Ulta Beauty Smoothies! They have so many great scents! I personally love sweet smells on pamper nights, but that is just me!
Step 2: Face Mask- While your bubble bath is heating up, put on a face mask! This is a great refresher for your face and cleans off any germs and bacteria you haven't been getting recently with your regular face wash and makeup remover! My favorite is the Merle Norman Miracol Creamy Formula Revitalizing Cream Masque. Whoo that's a mouth full! There are also ones that are super thick but this one really makes my skin glow once I rinse it off!
Step 3: Calm Music and a Nice Book- This is one of those things that though you listen to music and read all the time, when you are purposely doing it during a bath while pampering yourself it makes it all the much better! I listen to calming playlists on Spotify and right now I am trying to finish The Unexpected Mrs. Polifax. Reading is known to make people really relaxed!
Step 4: A Great Moisturizer- This is vital after turning into a prune in the bath! I love Curel lotion and I also love the beauty smoothie shimmer lotion if I am going somewhere fancy and want to look a little shimmery!
Step 5: Watch a Chick Flick or go to Sleep- This is just the final touch! Whether you want to get some beauty sleep or grab some ice cream and watch your favorite chick flick by all means do so! You are all beautified and will feel just magnificent!
What are your favorite things to do on a pamper night? Leave a comment and tell me! I am always looking for suggestions! You can as always email me too!
Hope all of you got some great ideas and by all means go pamper yourself! You deserve it! :)  Talk to you soon!


  1. I absolutely love having pamper nights, they are the perfect way to destress and relax.. Mine are quite similar to yours.. I love having a bubble bath with a lush bath bomb, doing a really thorough skincare routine with a hydrating face mask, and settling down in my pj's with netflix :) x

    Rachael |

    1. Couldn't agree more! I love lush bath bombs, especially before a hot date with Netflix! :)



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