Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Clinique Peach Pop Blush Review

A little bit ago I was in the mall and walked past the Clinique makeup counter and saw the cheek pop blushes. I am a huge fan of Clinique's skincare and makeup so I decided to pick up the one in Peach Pop. I didn't own a peach blush that looked quite like this. After trying it at home I can say that it is just beautiful! I would describe it as not sparkly, not matte, but more of a sheen blush. This blush just makes you look very perky and awake so I love it!

My Grading:
Packaging: 10/10- This is, for me the perfect packaging. The beautiful flower design doesn't wear off easily and the clear packaging is super sleek and clean looking, which I always love about Clinique packaging. They definitely did this one right!
Pigmentation: 7/10- This blush isn't super pigmented, however that is kind of what I like about it. It doesn't give you the appearance of wearing too much blush but it rather gives you a very nice youthful, awake look, which I actually really like here at summer time!

Longevity: 8/10- This blush lasts several hours on me but I wouldn't say it lasts an entire day, which I find quite rare in blushes any ways. This does last about 4 1/2 hours on me though which is expected.

Final Verdict- 8.5/10- This is my overall grade for the product. I can honestly tell you that I use this blush almost every day. This is great for all ages whether you are just beginning with makeup or you have mature skin, this is going to look great! This isn't very dramatic so it is more for an every day use, probably not great for costume makeup or anything!

What is your favorite blush? Comment down below! If you have any questions or anything feel free to email me too!
Hope you all enjoyed! Talk to you soon!



  1. I love these. Great post.


    1. Thanks! I adore them! Look forward to looking at your blog :)

      Juliana Grace


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