Monday, April 28, 2014

Choosing Rules Over a Relationsip

One reason that lots of people have a hard time convincing others to come to church or a reason maybe you have a hard time coming to church, is because you affiliate Christianity with rules rather than with a relationship. Jesus speaks so strongly to those who try so hard to follow rules because he knows that when following him becomes about following the rules, people end up walking away from both.
When you come to know the Lord, and you come to love him as your father than obedience to him will come from the inside out. When you allow God to take control of your life, you will naturally want to obey him. I am not saying that what we do or don't do doesn't matter, but what we do must come from who we are as followers of Jesus.
Do you base your whole faith off of marking checks next to the rules you keep or the pleasure of following Jesus and having him in your life?
If you aren't a Christian or have never stepped foot in church because you think you couldn't possibly follow all the rules than I am hear to tell you that having a relationship with God isn't about following rules. Jesus loves you just the way you are right now regardless of what you have done. He wants you to follow him. Jesus doesn't say change and you can follow me, he says follow me and you will change. Its scary at first, I know, but trust me its worth it!

-Inspired from Not A Fan| Teen Edition-

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