Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014 Favs!

I cant believe that April is over! April is always a great month for me because my birthday is at the beginning of this month and this is the month right before it starts getting scorching hot outside here in Florida so I try to enjoy it. Next month also starts the stressful exams before summer vacation! So this is almost like the month to relax for me before everything starts kicking into high gear! Anyways, I do have a few things I have loved this month and hope you enjoy them! Look for my favorites again next month! Comment below any thoughts and I will reply as soon as I can! Lets jump in!


Real Techniques Eye Brush Set- These brushes are super soft and make applying makeup really easy! This is a fairly inexpensive brush set and comes with almost everything you need! I have been using them a lot and they are quite handy!

Lorac Pro Palette- I did an in depth review on this product here and if you read it than you know I am uber obsessed with this palette! It has such great shadows and I have used it almost every day this month! This palette is 42$ which is an extremely great price for this many quality eye shadows! Basically I LOVE this if you couldn't tell already!

Milani Baked Blush in Fantastico Mauve- This blush isn't typically what you expect to see people wearing in the spring because it is so dark, however I love dark blushes in the spring because it can help contour your cheeks with your bronzer and warm up your face!  

Nyx Butter Lipgloss in Peaches and Cream- These butter lip glosses as I am sure you have heard by now are just AMAZING! They are super pigmented and buttery and I have a few colors of them but one I am loving from spring is Peaches and Cream! It is a vibrant peachy-pink color that is perfect for this season!



Big Hot Rollers- Hot rollers are my new love when I am going somewhere fancy or for a day I have some time to fix my hair! These big rollers that I use aren't necessarily the ones to give you tight curls but rather big waves and big volume. (Let me know if you would like a post on how I hot roll my hair and how it turns out.)



 Steve Madden White Crossbody Purse- This purse has become my new everyday purse as spring and summer is approaching! This purse is the perfect size for my age as it isn't too big to where I look like I am trying to be older than I am, but it is big enough for me to fit all my random junk into it, which I like! :) I found mine at Tj Max so it wasn't as expensive!


Human by Christina Perri- Honestly, this song has been a LOVE of mine this whole month, every time it comes on I am so happy! I love her raspy voice!
Alex Preston and Jena Irene on American Idol- These are my two favs on the show this year! I think Jena has an INCREDIBLE voice and could easily win and become the first PINK! I love Alex Preston's voice too because it is super nice and such a treat to listen too! Check out some of my favorite performances from them below!

Movies/ T.V Shows

God's Not Dead- This movie was in theaters for a while. I wrote a review here on the movie and as you can tell it completely exceeded my expectations and was my favorite movie I saw this month!
What was some of your favorites this month? Let me know by commenting down below! Feel free to also leave post suggestions as well! If you want to email me about anything go right ahead!
Hope you all enjoyed! Talk to you lovelies soon!
Juliana Grace <3

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