Saturday, December 31, 2022

2022 for Juliana Grace

 I am excited to reflect on this past year and share some of my favorite memories, styles, things, movies, and shows from this past year.

It is amazing what all can happen in one year. 

Favorite Memories:

2022 was the year I began working towards my Masters degree. Grad school has not been easy, but I am proud that I have finished each class I've started. Not too much longer before I am done!

I continued teaching as a Special Education support facilitator and finished my first year of teaching strong. As much as I appreciated my first year and what it taught me, I knew that position was not my ultimate "dream job" or the location in which I would stay for a long time.

I hosted a Galentines party at my apartment for my sis, mom, and grandma.

My family went to Tampa for a weekend during the Spring to see the Tampa Lightening Hockey team and we had such a good time.

The school year ended and as thankful as I was for everything I learned my first year, I was thrilled to accept a position as a Kindergarten-5th Grade Self-Contained Special Education teacher at a school closer to home.

After one year in my apartment, my lease was raised 20% which meant I could no longer afford to live there. I was initially heartbroken, as I loved the space I had created for myself there. I was however, more than thrilled to be moving back with my fam.

I spent a lot of time by the pool that summer and have really been enjoying living at home for the time being.

I had SUCH a fun summer! 

I went to the beach... a lot!

My sister and I took full advantage of our Aquatica passes.

We went to the H20 after hours party at Typhoon Lagoon.

We tried our hand at jet skiing as well, and LOVED IT!

4th of July was so fun!

Late July, I was allowed in to my classroom and my mom, sister, and I worked tirelessly to create my dream classroom. It was the dead heat of summer and my classroom didn't have any air conditioning, so we were dying. 

Look at the final product though. SO worth it!!

I have not doubted once this school year that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing! Are there days I want to crawl into a corner and cry because I am so overwhelmed? Sure. Overall though, I have poured everything into this class and these kids have my heart. I am loving it!

In September, my sister and I went to Tampa to see One Republic in Concert. SO FUN!

The next day we came home and attended the k92.3 All Star Jam where we got to see Dan & Shay, Niko Moon, Mitchell Tenpenny, Michael Ray, and Jelly Roll. It was amazing!

There was a LOT of fun happening in Ms. G's class this year, including a circus, Halloween party, thanksgiving feast, and Christmas party. Whew, no wonder I'm tired. 

I went to Howl-o-Scream with my dad this year.

I traveled to Huntsville, AL to see family around Thanksgiving.

I was absolutely horrible at taking photos this holiday season, but my aunt came to town and we all had the BEST time while she was here. 

I made great memories with friends this year!

I am ready for 2023.

Favorite Outfits:

Lilly Pulitzer is always a fav, duh!

This Amazon dress is my favorite thing in my wardrobe right now and I reach for it all the time. I have it in 2 other colors as well. Such a flattering silhouette.

Favorite Things:

My Stanley cup is my favorite thing right now! This tumbler holds 40oz, keeps drinks cold, has a handle, and fits in car cup holders. IT IS WORTH THE HYPE!

Favorite Movies & TV Shows:

Top Gun Maverick was my absolute favorite movie this year.. HANDS. DOWN.  I saw it in theaters about five times and now own it to watch at home. This movie was so well done and I loved every second of it!!!!

Redeeming Love is my favorite book of all time ever, so I was super nervous for a movie to be made about it. I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it. I still love the book more, but the movie was well done. 

Where the Crawdads Sing was another book I enjoyed and was nervous about being made into a movie. I may have actually enjoyed the movie MORE, which never happens!! Such a great one!

Mrs. Harris goes to Paris was such a cute movie! Nothing compares to seeing a feel good movie in the theater. I adored every minute of this one.

Ticket to Paradise was a recent release that will have you bent over in laughter and may also have you shed a tear. SUCH a cute movie!

Favorite TV Shows:

This was seriously the year of book to film adaptations! The Summer I Turned Pretty was not my favorite book series by Jenny Han, but I did really love the Amazon series. I can't WAIT for season 2 soon. Are you team Jeremiah or Conrad??

My FAVORITE show that I discovered this year would have to be Call the Midwife on Netflix!! Oh. My. Word. Y'all. It is SO good!! I didn't know if I would be able to get past the gore of a birth happening each episode but you get used to it and grow so attached to the characters and intense storylines each episode. J'ADORE!!

Favorite Books of 2022:

I wrote an entire blog post on my favorite books of the year. Be sure to see them all here!

New Years Resolutions:

I always love a fresh start and setting goals for myself. I have decided that my word for 2023 is going to be PRIORITY. I want to have a better hold on what is prioritized in my life. I want to prioritize work less and my hobbies, health, and relationships more. Specifically, I want to prioritize my relationship with Christ more this year. 

Bring it on 2023!!!!

Let me know what your favorite memories, styles, movies, shows, or books were from this year. What is your word of the year?

We'll chat soon, Happy New Year!!


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