Friday, April 30, 2021

1 Cardigan, 3 Ways | Lilly Pulitzer Kienna Cardigan

 Hello again friends! Two blog posts in one day? Wild. I shared on my Instagram today a new Reel and Post about three different ways I styled this Kienna Cardigan from Lilly Pulitzer. I thought I would gather everything in this one blog post for you as well to make it easier.

Comment and tell me which look is your favorite? I think I like the 3rd. Something about the distressed hem jeans and sunnies is selling me on this one. I do think the 2nd one gives Blair Waldorf vibes though so there's that. Oh and the purse in look number 1 is everything!! Okay I can't decide, you pick.

Look #1

The purse makes this outfit in my opinion! This look would also look really cute with some heels.

Look #2

Have you ever worn two headbands? I never really thought to either, but these pearl headbands look so good stacked together.

Look #3

I was expecting to not like this look very much but I ended up loving the print mixing more than I thought I would. The distressed jeans with the polished cardigan is such a fun combo too. 

Well there you have all three looks. Which is your favorite? Would you like to see more posts like this? Let me know! I will talk to y'all soon.


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