Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Back to School with Vera Bradley x Crocs

 It is a happy Tuesday everyone because I got to meet my supervising teacher today for my student teaching! God truly answers prayers because she has so many qualities I had been praying about for months! I can not wait to get started next week. It is also a happy Tuesday because Vera Bradley has released a collaboration with Crocs today that is just so fun. 

I am so thankful to have received a pair last week and they are every bit as comfy as they are cute! 


You can shop the Vera Bradley Crocs here. I love this yellow pattern. I was immediately taken aback to my childhood. Did any of you get the little decorative buttons growing up to put in the holes? I die!


Anyone else getting major #grandmillenial vibes? I just love them!


I am of course geeking out over their stationary. I could literally have a hundred new notebooks and pens, ha. Anyone else love new stationary? Plus a matching lanyard and scrunchie? Oh yes!!


All through middle school and high school, each year before school I would pick out a new Vera Bradley lunch box. They are the perfect size and could be thrown in the washer machine if needed. They held up throughout the whole school year and I am excited to use this one throughout my student teaching internship this year.


What is your favorite Vera Bradley item from today's post? Are you a Crocs fan? 

Shop the items from this post:

I hope you have a great rest of your day. We will talk soon.


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