Monday, May 18, 2020

Spontaneous Miscellaneous

Happy Monday! Although this time is so weird and there are so many hurting and sick, there are also so many doing good. This time of staying home can really bring out the best in people and families. I have never had so many favorite things to share with you. 
Enjoy this positive post!

One // My Growing Hair.. I think?
Anyone else missing their hairdresser a little extra right now? I have (more like had) a very layered and stacked short bob and it is now growing out all funky in the back. I have found that my hair prefers now to stick out so I am rolling with it. I loved using this belt as a head scarf for a Jackie O inspired hair doo.

I have also loved my tiny piggie tales. I can't remember the last time I didn't have hair on my neck and it actually feels good! 

Two // Fun Games!

My family has been getting some use out of our games and it is a blast. My grandparents and I have been getting pretty into some Skipbo which is always a good card game to play.
For my birthday I got the game Pictionary Air which I have been wanting forever. This is a very 2020 version of Pictionary that involves drawing in the air with a pen that syncs to an app. So fun!
Another game I got for my birthday was Utter Nonsense. My family has laughed SO. HARD. at this game. You are given funny phrases and an assigned accent and have to say the silly sentence better than the other participants. Y'all need to play this one. I can't wait to play with friends once social distancing is over.

Three // Some Good News by: John Krisinsky
I am IN LOVE with John Krisinsky and how he started his own news channel from home sharing only good news. This is the kind of news I like to watch. You can find his channel here. The channel is taking a hiatus but you have plenty of episodes to catch up on if you haven't watched them yet. His costars from The Office even reunite, ahhh!

Four // Special Needs Ministry Zoom Meetings

We have started doing Zoom Meetings for the special needs ministry at our church and boy has it been a blast. We have gotten special guests from the church band to sing songs, have done a bible lesson, and a fun activity such as show and tell. I love these people and can't wait to squeeze them in person.

Five // Comfy & Cute Clothes
I haven't been getting very dressed up to just sit at home and work but I do like to throw on some bright and comfy Lilly outfits occasionally to brighten my mood. I love these bright stretchy shorts and the matching necklace from Molly B Originals is so fun!

Six // Island Time Palm Beach Swimsuit
I can't believe I have yet to share this swimsuit here on my blog. I have shared it several times on my Instagram and y'all seem to be as obsessed as I am. I will warn you that this swimsuit doesn't have any padding but if you are anything under a DD cup, you should be fine. This suit is super thick and nice quality. Not to mention, I love this print SO much.

Seven // Hamilton on Disney +
Have you heard the exciting news?? Hamilton the musical is coming to Disney Plus!!!! My sister and dad went to see it on Broadway, and I was so jealous. I can't wait to experience the magic here on July 3rd. 

Eight // Ginger Jar Earrings
How fun are these earrings? I am obsessed with all things ginger jars right now. I loved pairing these pink ones from Coras Den with my Lilly Pulitzer scarf.

Nine // Quarantine Paintings

I have loved learning to paint during quarantine and hope to continue this skill going forward. Here are the four canvases I have done so far. Which is your favorite? 

Ten // Meredith's Art Business
Have y'all seen my sister's art Instagram or Etsy shop? She just released the CUTEST retro inspired music stickers. She is also running a sale on digital portraits right now. If you contact her via email: or on her Instagram account here she can tell you more! I am obsessed with my digital portrait she did for me.

So many happy and fun things right? What is something happy in your life right now? Let me know.

I will talk to you soon!


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