Monday, April 27, 2020

My Experience Teaching Online with QKids

Happy Monday everyone! I am so excited to be writing to you all about my job with QKids. I get to teach adorable Chinese kids English every day and it is truly such a fun job. I know many people have a lot of questions when I tell them what I do, so I thought I would write an entire post with information for you.
 I want to start out by saying that this will initially look like a lot of information, but it becomes less overwhelming I promise, ha! I want to cover some basics and then you can feel free to ask me any questions.

What is this company exactly?
  I work with a company called QKids. They are a leading online education platform that connects English speaking adults from North America with Chinese students online. They learn English through a narrative game-based learning platform and there is no lesson planning on your part!  

What qualifications do I need?
   In order to work for QKids, you need to either hold a Bachelors Degree or be in your final senior semester of college. You will also be required to get a TESOL certification, but that is fairly simple and they will give you more information about that as you apply. Lastly, you need an upbeat and positive personality and a passion for teaching cute kids!

What are the shifts/ when will I work?
   Because of the quarantine China is experiencing right now, they have available classes to teach from 7:50pm-8:30am. Each class is only 30 minutes. You are required to be available to teach at least 12 classes a week. (I don't teach overnight very often. I typically teach from about 5am-8:30am and then a few night classes).

How much money can I make?
   Teachers make $8 for each 30 minute class. You have an opportunity to make an additional $1 for a good review from parents and QKids staff and an additional $1 for showing up to the class on time and no absences during the week. That means you can easily make up to $10 per class / $20 per hour.

What is needed for the job?
   You are required to have a working computer or laptop with high speed internet. I had to buy an ethernet chord to get fast enough internet. You will also need a working headset with a microphone attached. You will need a quiet and distraction free space to teach in as well.

What is the application process like?
   You will first fill out an application here. If you meet their qualifications you will be contacted and they will kindly guide you from there. You will undergo an online interview and teach a few mock classes where they will give you helpful tips. 
(PS. If you do choose to apply, I would love if you used my link above or my referral code: QHUHSW on the application, thanks!)

Here are a few helpful links:
Here is a link to the home page of QKids:
Here is a link to more specific information about the job:
Here is a link to their FAQ:

Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions! I am an open book and would love to be helpful in any way I can. Feel free to leave a comment on this post or email me . I hope you have an excellent week! 

Talk soon. xoxo

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  1. What a cool job you have!! So fun to learn more about it. I'm sure you're an amazing teacher! :)

    xoxo A


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