Monday, February 17, 2020

How to Get Lilly Pulitzer for Less

Happy Monday everyone! I am so excited to for today's blog post because there is truly nothing I love wearing more than Lilly Pulitzer. The bright colors and classic styles give me such confidence and make me so happy. Living in Florida, I have ample opportunity to wear their tropical styles. 
The only downside to this beautiful, resort wear brand is... the price. Ugh. Who has $200 dollars to spend on one top? No worries y'all!! Today's blog post is all about how to get Lilly Pulitzer for less money. Over the last year, I have found several different ways to score Lilly at a discounted price and I can't wait to share with you.

Before we talk all things Lilly Pulitzer, I had to share some fun accessory finds with you! How cute are these sunnies from Playhaus Goods? You can use the code GRACE10 for 10% off. She is also having a 20% off sale currently! Such a good deal.. RUN!!

Also, if you love cute beaded bracelets like the ones I am wearing today, you NEED to check out JOM Jewelry. They have such a wide variety of beaded bracelet stacks in so many colors.

Alright, let's get back to some Lilly steals!

Tip #1 Shop the After Party Sale Twice a Year

Lilly Pulitzer doesn't have a "sale section" on their website and never has a clearance isle and that is because twice a year they have a HUGE event both in stores and online called the After Party Sale. Once in September and once in January, Lilly will price a ton of items from the season that is ending down often times 70%. That makes their clothing WAY more affordable. I have found that this really is the cheapest I can get Lilly Pulitzer. It is all in brand new condition and only from the season that is ending currently making the sale full of recent and current styles. This past January and September both, I saved for quite a while to go and stock up. I would keep my eyes peeled for this sale, first and foremost.

Tip #2 Check your local TJ Maxx and Marshals

Lilly Pulitzer pops up in these stores fairly frequently and if you can figure out or ask what day they typically get a shipment in, you would be golden! The prices here are always excellent!

Tip #3 Search Poshmark

Poshmark is an online resale site where people can sell their used clothing. If there is a specific Lilly Pulitzer item you're after, I would periodically check websites like Poshmark. There are other resale apps and websites too that might be good if you find them!

Tip #4 Join Lilly Facebook Groups

This might just be the best hidden gem. I didn't know about this until recently but WOW. There are quite a few private Facebook groups you can request to join who's sole purpose is to help people buy, sell, and trade their Lilly Pulitzer. There are several people selling sometimes up to 50 Lilly items that are New With Tags daily. There are also groups where you can state what items you are In Search Of so if anyone has one they want to sell or trade with you, they can.

I highly recommend checking these:
- Lilly Pulitzer Styling & More
- Lilly Pulitzer BST
- Lilly Pulitzer Lovers BST Of All Sizes
- Lilly Pulitzer Buy/Sell Under $50 Shipped

Those are only a few groups that I like. Once you get searching in Facebook you can find a lot more with great deals inside!

Tip #5 Check Local Re-Sale Boutiques

If you live in the Central Florida area, I highly recommend checking out GatorLillys. This is a resale boutique selling mainly used and New With Tags Lilly Pulitzer. There are three locations across Central Florida and they are packed full of beautiful clothing.

If you live elsewhere, I would periodically check with any local designer resale places. I have even seen Lilly at places like Platos Closet or Style Encore. They always take Lilly and it's priced so well!

Well there you have it folks! Do you have any tips for finding inexpensive Lilly Pulitzer? Leave them down below. I hope these tips helped you out. Happy Shopping ladies!



  1. I've purchased some awesome Lilly things via local consignment stores- it's always fun to shop that way! And the resale groups are great also!

    xoxo A

    1. Right? I always feel so proud when I find things at consignment places too. Have a happy weekend Annaliese!



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