Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Inexpensive Walmart Finds for Fall

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am excited to share today's blog post. I just got back from Walmart and I definitely found some cute things. Happy shopping everyone!

It is true that a lot of the clothing from Walmart is not great quality, but the few that I am sharing today, seemed to be nicer than what I typically would expect of Walmart. I was pleasantly surprised. These aren't pieces you will have for years and years, but for the price, they're a fun purchase for the season.

This top comes in several colors and was super soft! It is a waffle knit thermal and is so cozy. If it gets cool where you live, you need this. If not, maybe wait a little while. I think this would go so cute with skinny jeans and booties. 

This top came home with me because I couldn't believe how nice this one felt. I purchased the orange color because it screamed "Fall" to me without being so thick and hot. I love the other color too. 

Walmart has some great shoes and I am eyeing all of the leopard print right now. I have linked a lot of cute shoes above. Who knew Walmart was such a great place for shoes?

Well I hope this was helpful in some way. Next week I am sharing some recent Amazon finds. These posts are so fun! Have a great humpday!


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