Monday, August 26, 2019

August Amazon Favorites

It's Amazon round up time! I am so excited to share what I have found on Amazon over the past month. Today on my Instagram story, I am partnering with a few other bloggers to share Amazon hauls. If you want to see a more up close look of some of the items, along with the other girl's items this week, go watch my stories
Let's talk Amazon favorites now shall we?

Fitbit Versa Watch- I have to start with my new smart watch because I have been obsessed ever since I got it a couple of weeks ago. I am thinking of doing a full review of it soon. Would you be interested in this? My favorite band is this one but I also really like this band too.

Seashell Bracelet Set- I have worn these two bracelets so much recently because they are cute but also neutral enough to wear with anything. I like how they have a boho feel when paired with these beaded bracelets.

Cute Swimsuits- I know summer is coming to end, but if you have a vacay planned or live somewhere hot (like muah), than you might like these swimsuits. This palm print one piece is so fun for a vacation. This zipper swimsuit is so flattering and preppy. My sister's fun bikini comes in a ton of colors and is too fun! I'm also obsessed with these heart sunnies.

Leopard Tee- I love this cute top I shared a couple of weeks ago, and it is such an inexpensive find. It is great quality too and will perfect for Fall time as well.

Blue Henley Sleeveless Sweater- I am OBSESSED with this top. It is so soft and comfortable. There are lot's of color options too. 

Light Pink Knotted Sleeveless Sweater- This darling top also comes in a bunch of colors and is great quality for a great price. I love the fit of this one and think the knot makes it so flattering!

 Black Spaghetti Strap Dress- This dress is SO comfortable and lightweight. I can't wait to wear this to the first football game this week. This dress comes in a few different colors so find which one matches your team and you'll be the cutest one at the tailgate! I am also in love with my new clear bag for gamedays!

Headbands- I am obsessed with headbands right now. This set of beaded headbands is so fun to add a statement to any outfit. This golden yellow is a fun accessory to add to my game-day look!

Well there you have all of my recent Amazon favorites. What have you found on Instagram lately that you're loving? Let me know. I love when you send me recommendations! I will talk to you soon.



  1. I have the Fitbit Versa as well, and I love it! The leather watch band makes it look really nice-I think I have that same one.
    Definitely checking out the zippered swimsuit-that's so cute and not something I normally would have looked at!

    1. I love my Fitbit! I am obsessed with the stats it gives and think it's motivating me to workout, ha! The zippered swimsuit is a favorite and agree it isn't a style you see very often.

      Thanks for reading girl!


  2. I think you've convinced me I finally need to jump on the pearl headband train! So many fun ones!

    xoxo A

    1. Yesss girl I am obsessed with all the pearl headbands right now! Thanks for reading!



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