Wednesday, July 10, 2019

July Amazon Favorites!

Y'all already know, I am obsessed with Amazon. It is so much more fun to shop on a site where you know you'll have free shipping (with prime) and there are always such extensive reviews on items. I always feel so much more confident ordering something from Amazon than I do any other online store.
I have a few favorites to share that I have yet to let y'all in on, so I think we just need to dive in to it. 

Are these not the most darling pillows you have ever seen. My grandma gave me one that she wasn't using and I immediately turned around to get another. I got these pillow inserts for them. I love how preppy and girly they are.

I bought this pack of workout tanks after I did my Amazon Gym post and I was so upset, because these are seriously so great. My sister turned around and bought herself a set too. There are  a lot of different color options that I love. They are comfortable and super breathable. If you prefer a looser fit, I would size up.

I have shared this set on my Instagram several times, but have yet to include it in a blog post. These are so inexpensive and are so on trend for this summer. They are three separate necklaces so if you ever just want to wear one, you totally can. I love these!
PS. My Amazon Summer Accessories post has a lot of similar, great pieces!

I bought this purse for my sisters birthday a while back and thought it was so cute I had to share. Everyone needs a little white purse for the summer!

My hair is an angled cut meaning that it is much shorted in the back. I have always struggled to curl the tiny hairs in the back of my head, but also think it looks stupid to leave them stick straight when the rest of my hair is curled. I was so happy I picked up this cheap curling iron, and it does the trick. There are larger sizes too if you have longer hair. For the price, you can't beat it.

Again, I have mentioned these on my Instagram but have yet to discuss in detail on my blog. I love these pearl barretts but especially love them on girls with longer hair. I still wear mine occasionally and think they add a nice touch or cover up a bad hair day nicely. 

These sunglasses came in the mail today and I couldn't wait to break them out of the package. My outfit today matched them perfectly. They are so girly and dramatic which I love. These will be so cute with some of my favorite swimsuits on the beach too.

I didn't buy my pink yoga mat from Amazon, but thought I would share a link to mine on Amazon in case you are looking for one. I bring mine to yoga, barre, and pilates. I always get compliments on it.. especially when it matches my outfit, ha!

Yay! How fun were all of those items? If you haven't seen my other Amazon blog posts, click here to catch up.

What have you purchased recently from Amazon? Let me know below. I will talk to you again on Friday.



  1. How did we ever live without amazon?? I love those gingham pillowcases- I might need to snag them up too!

    1. Ha, I wonder that all the time!! Aren't they cute? They add such a nice girly touch. Thanks for reading girl (:


  2. Amazon is the best!! I love your yoga mat + that adorable little crossbody bag, so cute!
    - meg |

    1. Isn't it?? Thanks girl! I love my pink yoga mat (:



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