Monday, March 25, 2019

Amazon Favorites | Fashion, Lifestyle, & Organization

Happy Monday! I am so excited for this blog post and can't believe that I haven't done a post like this before. I asked on my Instagram stories the other day if you would like to see some of my favorite Amazon purchases and y'all said yes! You clearly love Amazon as much as I do.
A lot of the items I am going to share are Amazon Prime meaning (if you have a Prime membership) that they will ship free and quickly. 

My Top 10 Amazon Purchases

This swimsuit is under $15 and I always get several compliments when I wear it, probably because it is so extra, ha. I love the giant ruffle and stripes combination. It is extremely affordable and great on all body shapes (in my opinion). This does leave one shoulder darker than the other but that is a small price to pay for fashion. (:

2. Pink Laptop Case
I love this laptop case to bring all of my school supplies around with me. This not only fits my laptop but also my folders and loose papers. It also has sectioned pockets in the front and back that are great for storing pens, pencils, and earbuds. I never go anywhere to study without this and feel much safer carrying my laptop around this way.

3. Makeup Drawers
Y'all I have had these for more than 4 years and they have held up. These clear drawers are phenomenal for storing makeup (or organizing jewelry or office supplies). I love these and am surprised they have lasted so long.

4. Bluetooth Microphone 
This is my favorite toy, haha. This microphone is not only a beautiful rose gold but is also a ton of fun. During holidays my family has gone ham with this thing. Who doesn't love singing into a microphone right? It is wireless, and can sync to your phone so you can pipe any music through it's speaker. Y'all need this!

5. Sunglasses
I love all accessories and sunglasses are no exception. I have ordered several pairs from Amazon over the years because they are such a good price. I tend to loose mine in the ocean, or break them by dropping them so I never spend much money on sunglasses. These heart ones were a total hit during valentines day but think I might need them in white for the summer.

6. Gin Gins
I talked about these a few weeks ago, but I order these in bulk. They are little ginger candies you suck on when feeling any type of nausea, car sickness, or digestion issues. Ginger is so good for you and I don't know how I would survive without them. I also bring them to any event or place where I know it's going to be really crowded and it helps soothe my anxiety. I love these!

7. Amazon Fire Stick 
I love my fire stick. This is similar to Roku if you are familiar with that but it is basically a stick you put into your TV to access your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or whatever other channels you have subscriptions to. It has never had any type of streaming issue, it's easy to use, and has Alexa built into it. I recommend!

8. Camera Lens 
This is my favorite lens for shooting portraits or product shots. This lens is one of the cheaper ones on the market and works beautifully. It isn't a zoom lens but does the job when you're taking still shots. I call it my little pocket rocket because its small and powerful. LOVE it!

9. Pink Desk Organizer
I love having this pink desk organizer near me when I am working, doing homework, etc.. I don't know what I would do without all of these office supplies handy and think you need one too. (:

10. Rose Gold iPhone Case
I am known for how much I drop my phone, typically dropping it on my hard wood floors at least once a day. I am eternally thankful for this case because it has kept my phone alive despite my clumsiness. My screen is a little cracked after dropping it about 100 times but without this case, it would have been a goner. Plus, the color perfectly matches the rose gold pop socket.

10 Items on my Amazon Wishlist

1. Valentino Dupes 
These heels look just like the Valentino shoes that are normally over a thousand dollars. These are WAY cheaper and just as cute.

2. Jewelry Organizer 
This organizer is so beautiful and is a great way to store jewelry when traveling. I think this would be great even for storing regularly.

3. Lipstick Organizer 
This organizer is great for lipstick lovers like me. I love using my drawers but think this would be such a fun way to store lipsticks only.

4. 90 Degree By Reflex Leggings
I have heard so many people talk about how these leggings are their favorite of all time, and Amazon sells them for a good price. I go through workout leggings pretty quick so I might have to check these out.

5. Money Sorting Wallet 
My dad works in finance and has always been very passionate about helping others save money and get out of debt. He is a big believer in everything Dave Ramsey teaches and he has taught his curriculum in churches for a while. This wallet is great for using the Dave Ramsey cash method of paying for things. It helps you sort out your money in advance and sort how much each category gets. My mom uses one, and although I don't have one yet, I think it is great for budgeting and helping you stay on track.

6. Purse Organizer Insert
Can you tell I am all about the organization right now? This is an insert you can put inside purses to help keep things from getting lost inside the big black hole of your bag. I am always losing things in my giant purses and think this would be so helpful!

7. Milk Frothier 
This is so random, but I love a good latte and would love a milk frothier so that I can make one from home. I'm scared though I would make a cup way too often. Maybe this isn't such a good idea. (:

8. Phone Powered Fan 
I don't know if you know this about me but I am extremely hot natured and a major sweater. That is such a gross fact to know about someone, ha. It doesn't matter where I am or what season it is I am always hot. I also live in Florida, which may have something to do with it. I have always talked about how I need to carry a fan in my purse for when I get super hot somewhere. These little fans plug into the bottom of your phone, how cool? I think I need this.

9. Ruffle One Piece
I know I already own a one piece from Amazon with a giant ruffle but how cute is this vintage styled one? This suit is too cute.

10. Bamboo Clutch 
I am seeing bamboo clutches everywhere and love that Amazon sells several different ones for a great price. These are normally so expensive. How cute is this for Summer?

Well there you have my Amazon favorites and wish list! Happy shopping everyone. I hope you found something you like. Comment what a favorite of yours is from Amazon. Talk to you soon!


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