Monday, February 18, 2019

Yellow OOTD + Other Yellow Things

Happy Monday everyone and Happy Presidents Day! I had such a wonderful weekend full of family time and catching up with friends. What did you do this weekend?
This last week was pretty sunny and warm here in Florida so I dug out all my spring clothes and put away those two sweaters I own. I love where I live. Ask me again in September when I am dying of a heat stroke and I may change my mind, ha!

How cute is this Spring top that I picked up from TJ Maxx for $16? Crazy right? I tell you, that place is my new addiction. I realized after trying on this shirt and earrings that I really like the color yellow. Therefore, I decided to share some of my favorite yellow fashion finds with y'all today.




I hope y'all have a great rest of you Monday! I will talk to you soon!



  1. I love yellow earrings. And it looks great on you. And the yellow color of all the items is very beautiful.

    1. Thank you Friv! I am so obsessed with yellow right now!!



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