Monday, January 21, 2019

Current Devotional Routine

Happy Monday everyone! I love MLK Day because it gives us a chance to reflect on history and how far we've come, along with how far we still have to go. 

I am so excited to share this post because these types of posts are always so motivating for me to read. I get such great ideas for my personal devotion, by seeing what others do for their daily devotion.

If you haven't seen my blog post, How To Have a Daily Devotion, you might want to start there. If you are unfamiliar with what to do or where to start, read that post first.

Now let's get into what I am doing these days, when I spend some personal time with the Lord.

First // Thankful Journal
This never changes y'all. Spending a few minutes to number and write down what I am thankful for is a great way to start my day. Reflecting on all that the Lord has blessed me with is honestly so humbling. I write down things, people, and moments that I am happy I have.

Second // Devotional Book
This is the devotional book I am working through right now. It really doesn't take much time but is a great way to learn scripture. Each day there is a bible verse and two or so paragraphs that coincide with it. The book then alternates each day between a reflection page with room for notes and a scripture coloring page. This might sound childish, but coloring is a great way to memorize scripture. I turn on some instrumental music, color, and recite the verse until I am finished. I am close to finishing this book and have several scriptures memorized.

Last // Pray 
I am a big fan of writing down my prayers. It keeps me from getting distracted or rushing through this conversation with God. I really enjoy too, looking back on my prayers and how God has answered them. If you have a hard time praying to God, try writing out your prayers. Just talk to Him. Give thanks for what you're blessed with and bring all your concerns to him. Don't forget to sit at the end and just listen. God can often speak very clearly if you just stop to listen. 

Well there you have it! I hope you all found some good ideas. I plan to continue to do blog posts like this as I continue to change what book I am working through. I am in no means perfect and often miss a day or get too busy to sit and spend time with the Lord, but can I tell you something? I ALWAYS regret it. I am always better off starting or ending my day with God and recommend you try it sometime. (:

Have a great start to your week. Talk to you soon!



  1. It's nice how you have different notebooks for each activity -- keeps it very organised! Plus, I love notebooks, so I'm down for any excuse to use a new notebook :3 // A few years ago I would share a list of what I was grateful for in the past week on my blog, but halfway through the year it evolved to more of a weekly recap, and after a year or so, I stopped doing those weekly check-ins on my blog. I think gratefulness is a great habit to practise though. I may note some things I'm grateful for in my planner throughout the week, but I might not make into a whole series on the blog. I think that turning into a blog series might have put unnecessary pressure on the exercise, when it should really be a meditative, peaceful activity! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. I agree that starting each day thanking God for what we are blessed with is such a good habit! I recommend getting back into it. I definitely wouldn't turn mine into a blogging series because it is personal time between me and God, haha! But I do love weekly recaps. I think both can be done, but having a personal devotion is far better (:

      Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog post. I love cute notebooks too, hence spending a little too much on the furry one, lol! Have a happy day!



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