Monday, October 8, 2018

Tea for the Fall

Happy Monday everyone. This past week was no fun for me. I spent the entire week cooped up in a bed either at home, at centra care, or in the hospital. I had vertigo for the first time ever and am still recovering. I hope none of y'all ever get it because it ain't pretty. I am happy to be somewhat back to normal now and chat with y'all today.

It is no secret that I love a good latte and strong coffee is my weakness. It is also no secret that coffee isn't the healthiest for you and I am always looking for replacement caffeine to avoid headaches. I was so thrilled when The Republic of Tea offered to send me a fall flavor of their tea because I have always found their teas to be THE BEST! I am trying to be a tea person instead of a coffee person and sip a delicious fall flavor every time I want something hot. 

Some of my favorites from The Republic of Tea are:

This tea is the best for a sore throat. It doesn't taste the very best but it seriously helps and is the first thing I grab when I have a scratchy throat. 
I love this one and the health benefits of ginger are so great. The peach flavor makes it soothing and delicious.
I love their iced teas for making a pitcher. I have used several different flavors and they turn out so great. I always add sugar to make it a sweet tea (I am from the south after all), so there aren't many health benefits, but it tastes so good!

Some flavors I want to try from The Republic of Tea:

This tea is supposed to help with memory and focus and I think a hot cup of this would be great while I do homework.
This flavor sounds exactly like what the royal family must drink, so I obviously want to try it!
If you are a pumpkin spice girl, this one is for you.
I want to try this one SO bad come Christmas time. It sounds so delicious and festive!

What flavors sound good to you? Do you drink tea or coffee? I will see y'all on Wednesday with another Fall themed post!


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