Thursday, May 31, 2018

May Reading Recap & Book Reviews!

It is almost June y'all, which means it is time to share all the books I read this past month! I normally have a lot more free time to read in May because of classes coming to an end, but I am taking summer classes this year, and they started right away (ugh). I did still manage to squeeze in some good books this month sand loved several of them!

Sometimes I Lie by: Alice Feeney
Not going to lie, I love a good thriller. I love something creepy, mysterious, and a story that makes me think. I haven't however had the best of luck finding a great psychological thriller because they are usually a little too rated-R for my taste. This book sadly, was the same way. I actually found the book to be extremely exciting and great up until the very end where things got a little gory and gross. I wouldn't recommend! :(

Rate: 2 Stars

When Dimple Met Rishi by: Sadhya Menon
After that last thriller being such a disappointment I decided to pick up a young adult book that I have heard a lot of great things about. I am pretty much the last person to pick this up because it was super popular about a year ago, but I am so glad I got around to it. I love when YA novels incorporate a different culture and family heritage into a story and this book did a fantastic job at that. 

This book is about a girl named Dimple who comes from a strict Indian household but is determined to defy her parents. She is determined to put off her arranged marriage and go to school for web development instead. However, she is conflicted when she accidently meets the young man, Rishi, who she is supposed to marry, and really likes him. I loved this book!

Rate: 4 stars!

Alex, Approximately by: Jenn Bennet
Since I was on such a young adult kick I thought I would read another big hit from last year. This book was also SO adorable. It has been a while since I really enjoyed YA books this much, but I have to say this month was so fun! I really enjoyed this book too, although I will say there was a lot of details and characters thrown in. I feel that the author could have done away with some of the characters in order to give more detail on others, but that could be my own opinion.

There is so much going on in this book that I will leave it to you to read the description on Amazon but it was truly adorable. Although I didn't prefer the storyline at times, I really liked the love interest and how the character developed his story. 

Rate: 3.5 Stars!

Morning Meetings in Special Education Classrooms by: Felicia Durden
If you aren't a Special Education Major or Teacher than this book will not be of any worth to you but if you are, you need it. I found this SO helpful in planning for my first years of teaching. After observing and interning in Special Education classrooms and settings, I have witnessed the importance of morning meetings for students with special needs.

This book has 101 different great ideas and techniques that I can't wait to use! As you can tell from all the sticky notes, I will be referencing this book a TON!

Rate: 5 Stars!!

There you have it folks! I loved this laid back month of reading but can't wait to dive into some more intense books in the month of June! What books have you been loving? Let me know!


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