Friday, August 18, 2017

Spontaneous Miscellaneous - Life Update

Hey y'all, happy Friday. I will be honest this post was harder to start because to be honest I am just sad. I rarely let a lot of things effect me but recently several recent events have been weighing down on me and I am just sad. I felt like that is why it is important that I continue this blog and continue to find the happy and the good in the midst of the tragedies and evil in this sinful world. If you don't read anymore of this post, I hope you read this: Pray. There is power in prayer and God hears our cries. 

I do have several favorites from this past week to share with y'all that I am very excited to tell y'all about them! You will clearly be able to tell I have taken relaxing my last week of summer VERY seriously! Let's get started.

My Favorite Things This Week:

Y'all may or may not know how much I love listening to a sermon from Andy Stanleys church Northpoint every now and then but this speaker was incredible and had amazing visuals. Because of such a rough week, I found this very encouraging. There are still good people out there doing good things for the Lord and for the help of others. This is one man's life story about his history with photography and graphic design and how he is using it to change the world. You need to watch this. It isn't too long and shows that God has a plan for you even when you say you "can't".

Madame Secretary Season 3 on Netflix!!
My sister and I watched the first two seasons of this show on Netflix a while back but forgot to watch it when the third season came on live tv so we decided to wait until it came on Netflix and now it is there! We have decided to rewatch the show from the beginning but I am so excited to get to watching that third season. This show is bomb y'all!

Okay you guys. I am obsessed with this stupid thing. Like I really don't remember how I ever functioned without it honestly. My sister got the cutest Ivory Ella one too. There are a ton to match different phone cases and make life so much easier :)

Anne With an E on Netflix
My mom and I are working our way through Anne With an E on Netflix which is based off the Anne of Greengables movies which are our FAVS! This is just the sweetest show. The first episode was almost the length of a movie, but each additional episode after that is about 45 minutes long. I can't wait to finish it!

Jim Brickman Soothe Sleep Music
I have had a hard time sleeping the past couple of nights and have loved using the Amazon Music app to listen to this sound track by Jim Brickman. I used to fall asleep to a show on TV but found that it kept me up and I wasn't sleeping well and would always be tired the next day. Reading a good book and then turning on this music as I fall asleep is a much better option.

Everything Ree Drumond / The Pioneer Woman

Okay y'all I am obsessed with this lady. Everything about her makes me happy. Her show Pioneer Woman on the Food Network has been a favorite for a while because she shares such simple yet scrumptious looking recipes and always gives a look into her life on the farm with her sweet husband and kids... and of course her basset hounds (which are the real reason I watch the show.. jk.. but really). Ree's blog is also a HUGE favorite of mine. She has some really elaborate blog posts along with some simple one picture snippet of her life and I just love everything about it. I also may or may not have just gotten one of her children's books in the mail. It's an investment in my future classroom okay?? Don't judge!! ;)  

Favorite Moments This Past Week:

Bowling with Sister and Friends
It is always a blast hanging out with my two bffs!

Visiting my Sister at her Work!


Fashion Finds This Week:

I always love saving my "fun money" for a couple weeks or so to add a new adition to my Disney Pandora bracelet. This Cinderella Dress Charm is BEAUTIFUL!

Y'all I have LOVED this shirt from ROMWE. It is super cheap and I have gotten so many compliments on it! You need it too girl!

Y'all know I have loved the two different bow slides I have picked up from Target for only around 25$ and am SO happy they have a new variety of them too. These are a different brand from the other ones but look like they would be just as comfortable. SOMEONE GIVE ME A REASON NOT TO BUY THESE!

That is all for today y'all! I have enjoyed chatting with you, like always. Thank you so much for sweet encouraging emails. The fact that this little blog has brought strangers from around the world is crazy and I thank God every day for you. I will talk to again on Monday. Enjoy your weekend. Don't forget to be a bucket filler!


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