Monday, May 1, 2017

Preppy & Bright College Room Decor!

Hiya pal! I am SO excited to finally be getting this post up and sharing my new bedroom with y'all. My sweet parents gifted me with a room makeover for my 18th birthday recently and I absolutely LOVE what my mom found.
If you recall from this blog post, my room used to be very pink and light and full of antiques. I loved anything vintage and floral and it was very "little girl" to me. Now don't get me wrong, I loved that room. It was very 'me' in that there was a lot of pink. However, the assortment of antique things got a little too junky for my taste and started to get on my nerves. I also used to have a makeup vanity which I now traded in for a desk. There are a lot of other little changes as well, and I will do my best to link everything so you can add a little preppy bright touch to your bedroom or office as well.

The first major change was the furniture. We didn't change out all of the furniture but instead shifted things around a bit, and traded in my vanity for a desk. I also got a new Storage Bench which may be my favorite thing ever. It is so glamorous and functional at the same time.

The desk is from Wayfair and is the perfect fit. It is large enough to have good storage but still fits perfectly in my small space. It is a fresh clean white and has a place for a keyboard to pull out. The only con is that it was a total pain in the butt to put together. It took my dad and I almost two hours. Some people find this soothing, we find it frustrating. To each their own :)
I chose to spice up my desk with a little random Juliana flair. I love the "Blogging Day" mug holding my gel pens and pink scissors, along with the pink organizer holding my Simply Southern notepad, phone, and what do you know,more gel pens. I have a problem. I couldn't pass up the mini shopping cart to hold my flash drives since I work in retail.. plus it's pink!

My white lamp provides some extra light over my desk and papers which I love. I also adore having my kindness bucket (which you will understand more about next week!).
 Now my favorite item, drum roll please, THE UNICORN TAPE DISPENSER!!! I flippin' love this thing. It makes my desk so much happier. I know what your thinking... "Juliana, you bought a unicorn tape dispenser in attempt to make your room seem more grown up then before?" Yes. Yes I did. It pairs perfectly with my hot pink stapler!
Above my desk I put up two bulliten boards to take up more space. I didn't want them overflowing with junk though because  of how much stuff is on my desk so I stuck too pinning a few preppy stickers up there along with a cute photo strip, and a quote my sister wrote.
To the left of those, I have my Lilly Pulitzer wall calendar which I LOVE. So preppy and bright and happy. To the right I have possibly my favorite touches of the whole room,and they would be prints from the Preppy Print Shop. You will see her prints popping up in multiple places around my room because they are that amazing and speak to me on a deep level. Everyone that has come over so far has agreed that they are the most "me" thing they have ever seen.
My night stand stayed mostly the same except for a cute little globe. One day I will have a Volkswagen van, just you wait.
My bed went through a change as well and I am once again giddy over the Lilly Pulitzer here. This zoo pillow is so funky and cute and somehow very Floridian. I dig it.

I have a monogrammed throw blanket across my bed which I always have on me. It is so soft and cozy.

Now above my bed I have even more prints from Preppy Print Shop and WOWZA they speak to me too. HEART EYES!
Don't ya know there are even more above my jewelry armoire too. I promise now I'm done :)
Speaking of this jewelry armoire, I recommend it big time. It's the perfect size for the girl with a lot of jewelry and not a lot of space. It doesn't fit my super long necklaces though, so I hung them on pretty glass nobs behind my door.
Over beside my door, I have that beautiful white bench I was talking to you about earlier. Above that, I have my new medal and bib hanger! This thing is SO cute and adds such a cute statement to my room. It is something that can take up a wall nicely too. I love this picture of me from the Disney Princess Race and the bib matched perfectly so I decided to display it. So far, there are only three medals on there, but has plenty of hooks for more.
My bookshelves stayed mostly the same. The top shelves display my favorite plates and mugs from the Draper James brunch collection they came out with last summer. The second shelf contains some of my books, and a cute bamboo plant as the book ends. The bottom shelf holds my favorite book, Laura Bush's Memoir, along with a photo from Discovery cove and the tray that usually holds my keys.
Another new and arguably the best addition to my room is a cute white TV. I don't know how I survived in here before I had a TV. I use the Amazon Fire Stick for my Netflix, Prime, and Music on there. I also just enjoy turning on random channels and watching whatever (usually Fido TV) while I work. I can easily fuel my TV addiction now :)

Now you have seen my room! You likey?? I sure do. My parents were so sweet to redecorate my room for my 18th birthday. Email me for my mom's contact information for all your interior decorating needs :) She's a genius!

I will talk to you again on Friday! See you soon :)



  1. your room is so cute and tidy! Plus, your white TV has me envious --I want a white one!

    Happy Tuesday,


    1. Thanks girl! I made sure to clean my room before these pictures, but it isn't nearly this clean all the time :) I love my white TV! My grandparents were awesome at picking that one out for me.

      Have a great day!


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