Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Epcot Recap!

Happy Hump Day! This past Sunday I spent the day skipping from country to country in EPCOT and it was absolutely magical. I only wish I had about three more days to soak this park up completely. This park is so complex and has so much to see, especially in the world showcase where you go from country to country.
Epcot was also having their Flower and Garden Festival so it was beautiful and bright while we were there!

We rode Journey into Imagination, Test Track, and Living with the Land. All of which were just amazing and oh so fun. I am partial to Test Track though because my mom and I designed the car that came in 2nd place, WHOOP! I think I was secretly meant to be a NASCAR driver. :)

After all of our rides, my sister and I separated from our parents to go to Club Cool and tour around the countries for a bit. Club Cool is basically the Coke Store where they have stations set up for you to test out the soda in other countries. Let me tell you, I will stick with American Coke. They were NASTY!

Whenever Epcot has a festival, they have different food booths set up, and the violet lemonade was my favorite. It is a super sweet lemonade which is right up my alley. My sister and I sipped while we toured around the world.
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As you can tell, France was one of our favorites. My sister and I shared a chocolate macron ice cream sandwich which is a genius.
The other thing that I just love about Epcot is that in the World Showcase, where you hop from country to country, everyone working there is actually from those countries. You really feel as if you are there and get a feel for the actual atmosphere. I loved stopping in the French bakery for an afternoon treat and hearing "bonne journĂ©e mademoiselle" as I exit. The accents are so dreamy, and have me wishing to see the Eiffel Tower in person. 

Image result for san angel inn epcot
Image result for san angel inn epcot
To end the day, my family had a fancy dinner in Mexico at the San Angel Inn. Y'all this place is amazing! Not only is the food TO DIE FOR, but the ambiance and magical experience here is out of this world. You feel so immersed in Mexican culture it is unbelievable. There is also a secret boat ride that you can take around this restaurant if you please. Truly a perfect ending.

As we exited the park we watched the fireworks over the lake at the center of the World Showcase and it was just perfect. 

I of course made a short video of our time there. I have loved having a video of all 4 parks my family has visited these first couple months of the year to celebrate my graduation. These are memories I will cherish with them forever, and am so thankful I have a family I love and live where I do. I just stinkin' love Florida y'all!
I hope y'all enjoyed the video and this post! Anyone else want to go back to being a kid? I liked that much better! :) I will talk to you on Friday!


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