Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hollywood Studios Recap!

Happy hump day! The weekend is just around the corner! This week has already been rough, trying to get back into the swing of things after Spring Break. I enjoyed this past weekend though, because we had a BLAST at Hollywood Studios on Friday. We didn't spend too long in the park because it was burning up and the Star Wars music was on our nerves (more about that later) but we had the best time and enjoyed another day at a different park. Let's dive in!

First stop was my favorite ride in all of Disney World, Toy Story mania. Y'all, this game is FUN! Think 3D and more modern version of the Buzz Lightyear shooting game/ride at Magic Kingdom and you get this one. It feels nice and long too which I like. I didn't beat my dad but came in second out of us four and beat my sister which is the most important part :)

We then came upon a line to meet Olaf and my sister and I of course hopped in. I LOVED the cute set up and the nicest cast members were taking the pictures and holding our bags, it was so fun. Olaf gives the best hugs!

After that we decided to get some lunch since it was later and we stopped in at the ABC Commissary restaurant to grab a quick lunch. We had been there before and thought it was okay, but this past time it was kind of a bust. We got a gluten free cheeseburger with fries and although the fries were delish, our burger was cold and those gluten free buns just ain't good people. Oh well, it was quick service amusement park food so you can't expect much. 

After lunch we headed to see the Beauty and the Beast live show which has always been a favorite of ours. It didn't disappoint. I love this show even more now after seeing the new live action movie. SO SO GOOD.

After that we decided to head over and watch the March of the First Order which happens every hour, and then a different little Star Wars number happens every hour as well but they are each 30 minutes apart. I hope that makes sense. Basically like 1:30 is March of the First Order, 2:00 is the other Star Wars show, 2:30 they redo the march.. you get it. I will be honest, when I first saw the storm troopers march across the park to the intense music, I was totally geeking out. I was like fangirling full on :) However, these two shows take place for about 10 minutes each outside in the middle of the park, so from a lot of the rides you can hear the music. This is really cool, for like the first couple hours. After that, I was pretty sick of it. I love all the new Star Wars stuff they are coming out with at that park, but I hope once some more stuff opens, they will limit those shows to less times a day to make it more exciting. 

After seeing the Storm Troopers we went on the Great Movie Ride. This is a classic and just never gets old. Plus, my sister and I being the movie watching addicts that we are, always enjoy this movie. It always gets me in the mood to watch more classic movies.

My sister and my dad then decided to go on the Star Tours ride. This was always my sisters FAVORITE ride growing up so they decided to ride it again twice with our fastpasses. After my incident a week prior with motion sickness, I decided not to ride any crazy rides this time around that jerk you or are in the dark. It killed me most not riding Tower of Terror and Rock n' Rollercoaster. Oh well... My mom and I sat outside and enjoyed chatting and getting a sun tan and people watching. 

After that, my dad decided to ride Rock n' Rollercoaster which had a really long line. So while he did that, my mom, sister, and I got a quick snack before heading to the line to see the Frozen sing-along. This is when we started to get REAL hot. I ain't happy when I am hot either people. Finally getting into that theater and singing about snow and all things frozen was such a nice relief. This show is new and boy is it adorable. It cracked me up how many dads were in there rolling their eyes but by the end were silently singing the songs. Does anyone not know every lyric to Let It Go?? SO CUTE!!

After this we met up with my dad and headed home! It wasn't too long of a day but it sure was fun (and HOT!). I love where I live :)
ALSO! My family and I went Sunday to play mini golf at the Disney Fantasia Mini Golf and I kicked butt!!! Again, it was blasting hot but we had fun and I have a short vlog from that day as well. Enjoy all the videos and pictures!

I will talk to y'all soon!


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