Friday, February 17, 2017

Spontaneous Miscellaneous- TV & Movie Edition

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a fun or relaxing weekend planned. I am so happy to be over my cold and am ready to run early tomorrow morning. After that I plan to relax and catch up on some school work :) 
I have several things this week that I am excited to share with you! Here is what I have been up to lately.

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I have no words for how amazing this movie was. It is more of a documentary style movie and tells the true story of Saroo Brierly and it is no mystery as to why this film has won so many awards. This is a heartfelt journey of a lost boy in India who is eventually adopted by an Australian couple who love him unconditionally. Saroo struggles after 20 years to identify himself and works to solve the puzzle of where his real home is. Nicole Kidman was beautiful as the adoptive mother in this movie and played the part perfectly. This movie is quite intense and jarring at parts, but if you can handle it I suggest seeing it. 

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While we are talking about movies, I thought I would share that I finally rented the Disney movie Brave off of Amazon Prime and was less than impressed. I didn't know really what to expect but I wasn't a huge fan which makes me kind of sad. What are your thoughts?

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Kevin Can Wait
Now a TV Show I have recently been hooked on watching with my mom is Kevin Can Wait which comes on once a week. This show has Kevin James in it so you know it is going to be funny. A quick 30 minute laugh is a perfect break mid-week.

And of course I am still obsesssssing over Gilmore Girls like a mad woman. Mad. What I am going to do with my life once I finish it, I don't know.
What TV Shows and Movies have you been loving recently? Let me know. I love suggestions.

Talk to you next week. xoxo

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