Monday, February 27, 2017

Disney Princess Enchanted 10k VLOG!

It's Monday everyone! I apologize for being MIA here last week. No excuse, just didn't do anything worth blogging, haha! This past weekend was a magical one for me which you already know if you follow me on Instagram because I COMPLETED THE DISNEY PRINCESS ENCHANTED 10K!!

Y'all know I have been excited and pumped for these 6 miles for a long time so to finally cross that finish line and get that beautiful bling put around my neck was a dream come true. Today I am just sharing a quick vlog I put together from the race expo on Thrusday and the 10k on Saturday. Don't worry though! I will do a blog post later with a complete race recap, plenty of pictures, and my top tips and recommendations. If you have any questions PLEASE contact me. Comment below, message me on Instagram, or email me! I know I had a TON of questions before I signed up for a Disney race and really appreciated a sweet blogger friend answering all of mine :)

I went to Magic Kingdom yesterday to celebrate and show off the bling, so expect a post recapping my day there too. LOTS OF MAGIC TO COME!

Enjoy the video! I hope it inspires you to sign up for a race yourself!

Talk to you soon!


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