Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Running Essentials

Hey y'all, happy Monday! I have ran a couple races now and enjoy running several times a week and thought I would share with you my running essentials. I am no marathoner and don't plan to be, but running is something so good for my mental health and something that relieves a lot of stress. Plus, it is easy to start and anyone can do it. Although no equipment is really required for running, I find that if it is something you are going to do regularly, it can help to have items that make it a tad easier. These are my bits and bobs that I never go for a run (or walk!) without.

Okay this is the most expensive thing on the list and not nessesary but it has changed the game for me. You can track your runs, pace, use as a timer, save your runs to compare to each time, save the map of what your route was previously, input a training method for a certain distance, etc.. It is a great running watch for not a bad price. If you are looking into making running a bit more serious or have an important run coming up, this one gets five starts in my book :)

Y'all, I love this thing. You may see many runners using backpacks or fanny packs when they run but I find this SO much better. It blends in with the band of your shorts or pants and is hardly noticeable. It is light weight yet can hold as little or as much as you would like. It comes in multiple colors, but I use it in black so that it is less noticeable. I slip my phone in there usually but if I decided to walk to the closest ice cream shop a couple miles away, it could easily hold my credit card or some cash too without it going anywhere. I LOVE THIS THING!

This is really just a preference thing. I ran for a while with long chord earbuds and was never really bothered with it, especially with my FlipBelt holding my phone. However, when I got the new iphone 7, I realized it no longer had a headphone jack. This was the point in which I really had no choice but to purchase these blue tooth earbuds from Amazon, and y'all I don't know how I ran without them. You can skip songs and turn up or down the volume right behind your ear and run freely without a big chord swinging and whacking you. This is so convenient and even though it isn't a "can't run without" item, it definitely makes it a bit more enjoyable. 

I can't stress the importance of getting the right shoes. I am no expert so I am not going to reccomend any but instead I will say that if you are going to be training for a race or running regularly, I would go to a running place near you and have someone help you find the proper shoes. Track Shack here in Orlando has great professional runners who will help size and fit your shoes. They helped me recognize things about my feet and my running patterns I never knew. My shoes were on sale for only $60 dollars and they feel fantastic. The guy that helped me was awesome. I recommend going to a place similar. The last thing you want are ankle, knee, or hip injuries because you were running in the wrong shoes.

Okay, I know this may sound crazy but if I am dressed in a cute matching running outfit, I run faster with more confidence, especially with other people. This may seem silly, but if you are considering running, go get yourself a cute new running outfit and feel fabulous! Monogramming your running shorts never hurt either. 

Okay my mother-like personality is going to come out here but if you are a young girl running alone, don't be stupid. Pepper spray is easy to hold in one hand while you run. I never run during dark hours however, there are always crazys (and often times crazy wild life too!) regardless of the time of day. You need to physically keep yourself safe with proper gear but also keep yourself safe when running alone too. I tell you this because I love you ;)

That is alllll of my favorite things to have when running! What are your workout or running essentials? Let me know in the comments below! Talk to you soon!


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