Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Reindeer Run Orlando 2016 + Weekend Recap

Hey y'all! Hope you're all doing extra fantastic today. I am still on a high from such an amazing weekend. Let me share!

I know you may be surprised to hear that my very awesome weekend started at 4:30 am Saturday but I am not kidding. I was up and getting ready at 4:30 in the morning. On a weekend. Me. I know, hard to believe. But I had a Reindeer 5k to run and I couldn't wait. It was in the 40's and 50's all morning which had this Florida girl jumping for joy y'all. At 5:30 I was out the door, decked head to toe in Christmas gear, ready to run 3.1 miles around Seaworld.
The race was incredible. I will definitely have to mark this down on my calendar every December. Seaworld had such beautiful decorations and entertainment. This isn't a chip timed race, so they only have one general clock above the finish line that marks the time from the minute the first person runs across the start line. I tracked my time on my watch an ran the race in 30 minutes which is fine for me since I stopped to take a ton of pictures :)
Every runner was dressed for the occasion, and the weather was just perfect (once I started running of course... I was freezing waiting for the race to start!). I am so in love with Seaworld and all they do, and this race was a perfect opportunity to catch a peak at the park without all the hustle and bustle of tourists and mobs of kids. So fun!

After the race, we ran home to change before catching a quick breakfast at a small restaurant by our house. We then came home and got all cozy in our pajamas. This is when I decided to take a 5 hour nap. I know what you're thinking... and no. I don't usually feel led to take a 5 hour nap every time I run 3 miles but after a week of going to sleep late and then starting my weekend off at 4:30 am to run around an amusement park, it was much appreciated. Jules needs her sleep y'all :)

We spent the night watching football and made plans for the New Year. There are lot's of fun things we have planned for 2017 including:
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...Yeah, I'm a tad excited!!

Sunday, we got up early to go to church. I had a bit of a crazy day in the preschool and enjoyed a much needed Dr. Pepper afterwards. I took the afternoon to finish some school before heading to First Baptist Orlando for the amazing Singing Christmas Trees performance. There are people in those trees!! Absolutely specatcular. If you live in the Orlando area, is is a MUST SEE.

We concluded the night at Chuy's, a mexican restaurant, then did some more homework before calling it a night. Absolute perfection. A festive weekend with loved ones.

What did y'all do this weekend?? I will talk to you again on tomorrow!



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