Friday, December 9, 2016

Bye Bye Prissy & Life Update

Hey y'all. I first want to apologize for being so hard to reach the past week. I am just now getting around to getting back on schedule with emails, social media, and blogging so please forgive me. Life has been a little crazy.

I first wanted to start by telling y'all that on Monday December 5th, my family had to say goodbye to our puppy of 10 years, Prissy. She was an older dog and has struggled with seizures the past couple years. On Saturday December 3rd she had a very strange episode of what we thought was a stroke. After spending hours that night at the Animal Hospital we were told she had just hurt her neck. However come Monday when she was still in such obvious pain and was having other symptoms, she was taken to the vet and we were told she most likely had a brain tumor that couldn't be treated. All four of us spent the day at home sobbing our eyes out and loving on our poor hurting dog. At 3 pm she was taken in to be put down. I haven't cried that hard ever. It may seem silly to some, but I was 7 years old when we got Miss Prissy so it is hard for me to remember life without her. She was truly the most perfect doggy and baby of our family. Each of us prayed thanking God that we were blessed enough to have a sweet pup for 10 years. God is good. We will always remember her and miss her even as the pain wears off. To any of you who have had to put a dog down, I am so sorry. It hurts. Thank y'all so much for all the sweet messages, emails, and prayers I have received. Y'all are the best.
Can I also just say my grandmother is the best? She brought us dinner that night and I love her!

Speaking of my sweet Mamaw, my sister and I headed over to her new house last night and had the BEST time. We ate sweet treats, the BEST dip, and enjoyed a Hallmark Chrirstmas movie. Does it get any better than that?

Image result for pink and white garmin forerunner 25
My Black Friday purchase came in a few days ago and I am in LOVE. This running watch and activity tracker is amazing. I will do a full post on how I train for different races but this watch is a total game changer. 

Speaking of runs, tomorrow I will be running an early 5k at Seaworld and I am pumped. It is going to be COLD and everyone will be dressed for Christmas. Along with running in the morning, I plan to spend that night enjoying the Christmas festivities at Disney Springs and a Christmas show Sunday night as well. I will make sure to keep you updated and share on Instagram too :)

Another thing started this past week and that would be VLOGMAS! My sister will be doing a weekly vlogmas so check her out here.

I will link some of my other favorite vloggers to watch during vlogmas below:

Who's vlogmas do you love to watch? Let me know in the comments!!

In the midst of such a sad couple days, I am so blessed to have my whole family together come the holidays and to have so many of you still reading this little blog of mine. I will talk to y'all later!!



  1. I am so sorry to hear about Prissy! I love Aspyn and Parker!


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