Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend Recap {September 17th 2016}

Now that the post-concert-depression has worn off I feel capable to write this blog post. Here are a bunch of pictures and videos (from the Insta story) describing my weekend.

 Let me start from the beginning. So that morning I thought it would be a great idea to bake some Fall cookies and make half of them gluten free and half normal in case the gluten free ones tasted terrible. They did by the way. 

Roll Tide is RIGHT.. but my goodness it was anything but an easy game this Saturday. My sister and I were sitting outside of a concert getting play by play of the game from our dad because #wecoollikethat and we were stressed. We heard Alabama was ahead and we were all..

then we were ahead more and we were all..

then Ole Miss scored with a few minutes left in the game so we were all..

BUT then we came out with a win so we could relax and enjoy the concert..

As many of you may have seen from my Instagram story, my sister and I attended a Scotty McCreery concert this past Saturday. It was outside, I was close to the stage, and it was perfect. Let me give you some background on my celebrity crush situation here.

So most of y'all may not know that my family has always been BIG into the show American Idol. Now the show did end last year (cue the tears) but for the years that it was on, my family took it pretty seriously. My sister has always been the one more into music but for some reason I took a huge liking into Scotty McCreery on season 10. Like obsessed may be a better word. I had pictures of him on my phone and in my room and even titled my email address julianamccreery. Yeah... the struggle was real y'all. I made sure to loose an extra bit of sleep on American Idol nights to vote for him. Fast forward to the end of the season and he won. Now this was almost 6 years ago so even though I don't use that email and stalk him anymore, you can imagine I was still pretty pumped to go to his show. I love me some country music. Even if that means being shoulder to shoulder with people who are so drunk they have no idea what country their in. #doitforScotty #marryme

A real classy outfit picture for y'all. Love the outhouse, orange net, and truck in the background :)

I love jammin' with this one.

I also love cute merchandise!

It was a good weekend. Stay country ;)


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