Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Disney Springs Recap & Recommendations (+ video)

As promised today I am sharing more pictures from my afternoon at Disney Springs. The Spanish architecture is so pretty here and there are so many new shops! I will be sharing some of my favorites!
As for awesome new shops I would have to say that one of the favorites is the three-story Coca Cola store... YES PLEASE! If you know me, you know that I love coke so this was pretty cool!
My mom flipped over this purse, but I was all about the Coke onsie <3 !!!!
When your two worlds collide... Disney & Lilly Pulitzer... come to Mama!
This store is stunning! Along with the Vera Bradley store next door! 

Another favorite store was the two story UniQlo. I have no idea how to pronounce it or explain it but it has some of the oddest and coolest fashions along with very unique Disney designs as well. 
As for restaurants, the Rainforest Cafe and the T-Rex Cafe are staples. Disney Springs as come out with a handful of new restaurants, however these two are my favorite. They have similar styling and similar menus so whichever you can get into would be best. Sunday night there was about a 2 hour wait for them both but we got lucky with a two person table right by the aquarium in the T-Rex restaurant with no wait. #dontaskmehow #thankyoujesus I ordered the Lasagna which was AMAZING! 
PS: Disney restaurants are awesome about catering to allergies. The chef came over and talked to my mom about her gluten intolerance and went over the menu with her explaining what he can and can't make gluten free. Disney you are awesome!
I was too scared to eat red sauce with my new shirt.. desperate times call for desperate measures ;)
 We opted out of ordering the awesome desserts at the T-Rex Restaurant and instead decided to go in Goofy's Candy Co. Can I please live in a place surrounded by Magic filled treats.. all the heart eyes for Disney's sweet spots. My mom loves the candied apples and I settled on a BB8 Rice Krispie.

Here is a little video I put together showing you around Disney Springs! 

ALSO! Don't miss yesterdays post showing you the details of this cute Disney outfit!
Hope you get the opportunity to stop in at the new Disney Springs and check it out! Enjoy your day! Talk to you soon!



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