Sunday, November 29, 2015

Monogram Vest!

As you can tell we were quite happy about the cold weather that lasted all of 10 hours in Orlando last week. Sorry I have been a little MIA lately. As you have probably already noticed, the blog got a fresh makeover last week!! I am so happy with it and highly recommend Smitten Blog Designs if you are looking for some help redesigning your website. Also, I have had a sinus infection the past two and a half weeks so I haven't been feeling too hot. Don't worry though, I went to the doctor today and got some medicine so I will be in tip top shape by the end of this week! I am so thankful for doctors and the ability just to whip into their office when I need help. Speaking of thankful, what did y'all do for thanksgiving? I was in Atlanta and spent some time with my moms side of the family. We laughed a lot and had a delicious meal so I consider it a success! Check out my Instagram for more pics from the trip.
Just a little FYI, you might want to be following me on Instagram also because there might be a giveaway happening over there this week ;) Just maybe!
I hope y'all have a great week! See you very soon!

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