Wednesday, November 11, 2015

50 Random Facts About Juliana Grace!

Happy Hump Day friends! Want to know a little bit more about me? Well here is 50 facts about me. Here goes nothing!

1. I love working with little kids and plan on majoring in Elementary Education
2. I would like to do this at the University of Central Florida
3. I am a homebody. I like to travel and do things but never for long stretches of time. This girls gotta have some chill time.
4. I recently have been on a Dunkin Donuts kick. Like their caramel iced latte has been my drug lately.
5. I could probably watch football for a solid 24 hours regardless of who is playing.
6. I tend to get kind of rowdy at games also regardless of the sport
5. I love dolphins! I have wanted to swim with dolphins forever and when I went to Discovery Cove in May and swam with dolphins it solidified the connection.
6. I cant say I am a nature girl. I appreciate beautiful scenery... from a far. I don't have to be hiking with bugs and snakes and bears in a mountain to appreciate the mountains you feel?
7. I still sleep with my baby blanket. Embarrassing I know but I will probably graduate college with it being the size of a handkerchief after 20 years of washes.
8. I act tough but I am actually a cry baby when it comes to random things sometimes. I cried in the movie Dolphin Tale. I don't know why. Its the whole dolphin thing again.
9. I am super jumpy and get scared WAY to easily. You won't find me at any haunted houses this season.
10. My friends make fun of me because I already have my future kids names picked out. (Spence Montgomery, first born child, watch it happen).
11. I flippin love Christmas. I mean Hallmark doesn't know how many times I rewatch their showings of Christmas movies. Not to mention I broke out Elf for the first time two weeks ago. I will be seeing a lot of Will Farrell.
12. I LOVE dresses. Casual, dressy, long, short, colorful, patterned, solid, neutral, you name it I LOVE dresses.
13. On that note, I hate wearing jeans. Can someone say leg prison. Hence all the dresses.
14. My life is in my Lilly Pulitzer planner. If that thing got destroyed in a fire I wouldn't know what to do with my life. Seriously, because it was probably written down.
15. I am kind of an organized freak. I am obsessed with having things organized and it really make me happy when everything is in its place. Labels and lists and planners oh my!
16. I am not a cat person. Despite the recent "cat lady" trend I am a dog person through and through. All cats hate me, I hate all cats. Its just how it is.
17. I have a love hate relationship with doing my nails and really cant decided whether to keep up with them or let them stay natural. The struggle is real.
18. I always have to be right. My parents always say I should be a lawyer because I love to prove that I am right. And if I am wrong, I will just start correcting your grammar.
19. I have no fear when it comes to roller coasters or heights. I will ride ANYTHING.
20. I want to do a human slingshot but my mom wont let me until I am 18 and she is no longer responsible for me :)
21. I kind of love thick headbands. One because they get my hair out of my face and two because they make me feel like Blair Waldorf.
22. I am OBSESSED with watches (and jewelry in general). I love to wear solid colors and let the jewels do the talking!
23. I have actually developed a nick name of Jules from my Aunt and my friends and I think it suits me.
24. I have been writing to a girl named Nonalyn in the Philippines through the Compassion International sponsoring program since I was little and I really feel like she is my sister. Compassion is a company that I will stand by my whole life.
25. Only half way geesh. Okay I really want to travel internationally but HATE crowded airplanes. That might be a problem.
26. Baking is the most therapeutic thing to me. I can get to town in the kitchen cooking up something sweet an instantly feel calm and happy.
27. I love Disney world.
28. I actually just love Orlando. I would be perfectly fine with living here for a loooong time. There is so much to do!
29. I love the ocean. I am actually a professional buggie boarder ;)
30. I have had the same best friends since I was in 2nd grade.
31. I have always wished that I had a good voice. I tell God all the time that if he gave me a good voice that I would use it for him, but I guess it doesn't work that way :)
32. I go through books really fast and then always have to take some time to recover from finishing a good book. I like to call it a book hangover.
33. I could go to the movie theater every. single. night. Having popcorn, coke, and good company to see a movie at the theater is seriously one of my favorite pass times.
34. My favorite reality TV show is Bringing up Bates. They are this Christian family with 19 kids but they are the FUNNIEST and cutest family ever. I feel like I know them.
35. I love pink.
36. My poor future husband will have to do with at least a pink kitchen ;)
37. I have already decided I am marrying Tim Tebow.
38. Or I am marrying Jesse that I think about it maybe I should go to UF!
39. My 14 year old sister became a Christian a few months ago and I still get so excited talking about it!
40. My worst fear is frogs. Like I despise frogs.
41. My dad likes to be funny and try and scare me with frogs. Hilarious.
42. My mom agrees she should have named me something with her same monogram so we don't fight over getting the same stuff with out initials on it.
43. I am obsessed with sushi but never eat it because my family thinks its disgusting.
44. I have tried to give up soda and it just doesn't fit my lifestyle. Coke is like medicine. Helps headache, stomach ache, stress, focus, EVERYTHING. It is simply a need.
45. I was born in Knoxville Tennessee and still love it there. Those are my people!
46. I hate exercising unless it is outside. I feel so great when I go for a bike ride, walk the dog, paddle board, or anything that doesn't require me to alternate starring at the wall or starring at a monitor telling me I have only ran .25 miles.
47. Every woman in both sides of my family is 5'2. I don't think there is any breaking the curse #shortpeopleproblems
48. I LOVE working. I love to earn my money and feel like I am using my time wisely.
49. I became a Christian when I was 8 and never regretted it. So relieving to know I have God and I am in no way in control of what happens in my life. He's got this!
50. I absolutely LOVE blogging. It is simply a hobby that I look forward to working on every day. If one day I can make a job from it I wouldn't complain :)
PHEW! That was a lot. Link any posts of yours with facts below so I can get to know y'all too! Have a great rest of your week! See you Friday ladies.

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